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It’s always odd to me when art apps restrict how big our reference image panels can be. Artstudio does this, so does Procreate. But why? Shouldn’t it be up to the user to decide how big they want the reference image panel to be? Often I want to go bigger but Artstudio won’t let me. Why not just let us set it how ever big we want?

Show your work / Wendy of Red Velvet
on: July 29, 2022, 11:50:08 AM

The steps:

For some reason, when working in Artstudio Pro, I can only use eyedropper via gesture (I set it to one-finger prolonged touch) when in normal brush mode, but when in mixer brush mode, it will not work and I 'll have to tap on the eyedropper tool icon to use the eyedropper. Is this on purpose? But I can't think of why it would be designed that way on purpose.

Show your work / Sana of Twice (portrait drawing)
on: July 04, 2022, 01:35:04 AM
I could have done this whole piece in Artstudio Pro, but it doesn't have the ability to "use all layers" when using smudge/blend brushes, which was what I needed to smudge between the foreground layer and the background layer to soften some edges. So for that last part, I had to export to desktop Photoshop.

I recently drew this portrait in Artstudio Pro, and I should have been able to do it 100% in the app, but the lack of "use all layers" when doing smudging/blending forced me to have to export it to desktop Photoshop for the final portion.

It would be nice if we can get that feature, so when using smudge/blend brushes on a layer, it will interact with all the visible layers. This will allow us to keep the foreground layer separate from the background, but still be able to have them interact with painting.

Show your work / Portrait (Kim Lip of Loona)
on: June 24, 2022, 02:46:10 PM
This was done in both Artstudio Pro and Photoshop. I use the same brush sets in both, so the workflow feels almost seamless when I switch from PC to iPad Pro.

Is there a way to disable rotation for the reference image (or reset only the rotation)? Whenever I zoom in/out the reference image, it's very easy to accidentally rotate the image, and I NEVER rotate the reference, so that feature is useless to me, yet it's almost unavoidable that it'll happen. Every time it happens, I'd then have to carefully rotate it back to normal, which is very frustrating. If there's a way to disable it, or a quick way to reset only the rotation (and not the zoom level or the mirroring), it would make things so much easier for me in Artstudio Pro.

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