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One of the best features to include would be a floating color picker that we can choose to always have open. We should be able to move it around on the screen wherever it's comfortable for us. This feature would save a lot of time and I think it will attract more people to use Artstudio Pro.

I think text has the potential of being its own art form and it can be used in combination with digital drawings to create some very creative artworks. I like having the ability to create unique effects with text by using the same software that I use for drawing & painting, without having to resort to softwares like Illustrator.

I would love features such as,

1) Typing Text On a Path

2) Warping Text

3) Envelope Distortion of Text

4) Wrapping Text Around an Image or Shape

These features can create some very beautiful effects, especially when combined with the different font styles.

I would also find these features very useful for creating sound effects in comics. Some comics, especially manga styles, have very unique and dynamic lettering for sound effects. It would be difficult to draw all that from scratch but it will be a lot easier if we have options to manipulate the text.

Thank you for all the great features you have included in Artstudio Pro. It's already a really great program! I always look forward to updates because I'm excited to see how Artstudio Pro will evolve.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Image Attachments in This Forum
on: November 25, 2019, 03:29:42 PM
It would be useful to upload images directly into this forum without having to rely on links. I don't think links are as reliable and easy to work with as images that are uploaded directly to the forum.

Images would be a good way to show mockups of features that users think will be helpful. I would like to have the ability to upload multiple images at a time (preferably 10-15 images per post, although usually not that many will be needed) in order to provide good visual examples. Also, it would be best if GIF images are also supported because sometimes an animation can be more descriptive than a still image.

In my opinion, this feature would make the forum better because visuals can improve communication. It would be nice to have, although priority goes to features that will actually improve Artstudio Pro. This is just something that hopefully can be realized in the future.

Thank you!

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