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Help / How to make a hard round brush act differently
on: May 22, 2022, 03:47:05 PM

This happens all the time with any hard round brush i download or even the hard dyn opacity brush. It paints like a shadow over the original paint, instead of blending in.

How do i Change that? I don’t have the same problem with infinite painter and procreate.


So, whenever i transform, my instinct is to use the Apple Pencil or hand to move the transformation around from “outside” the box or frame of reference of said transformaation but i always end up rotating it (like ALL the time) instead because of it. Infinite Painter and Procreate both do this, which feels more natural imo.
If you guys don’t want to fully replace how transformation already works, then this could be added as an extra option in the gestures menu.


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