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Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / PLEASE fix the saving bug!
on: November 28, 2023, 09:00:12 AM
Hey there!

I'm wondering if recently something was changed regarding the saving bug?

Yesterday I was working on a painting, when I left my iPad for 10 mins. And when I came back, I was shocked to see that none of my progress was saved. I've lost around 2+ hours of work... this is the first time that this has happened to me while NOT using iCloud as storage location... and I also got no notification for a saving issue or anything.. needless to say, that this was really infuriating.

And I really don't believe that Apple will address this issue anytime soon. It's been happening since over half a year already! So, at this point, it's really up to you (Lucky Clan) to fix this somehow. Even if it means going back to a custom gallery (since you mentioned this is likely the root cause for it, that somethings wrong with Apples gallery view, which also explains why the same thing happens in Pages and Numbers). Or even if it means changing something bigger inside the app, so it's not so reliant on bugs from Apples side like this...

This is just such a gigantic setback in the overall app reliability and functionality it's actually driving me nuts at this point... none other drawing app has this issue. And it's a huge one, since you literally cannot rely on ASP saving the work you do, and it's been going on for months and now only seems to get even worse... I was able to circumvent this bug mostly by not using iCloud (I would still get saving issues, but could just restart/reopen the document and wouldn't lose hours of work) which was already inconvenient enough. But now loosing hours of work again, even though I'm NOT using iCloud, is just bad.

Idk how to say this more nicely at this point, since it's really just so freaking annoying, and I just cannot grasp how finding a way to fix such a HUGE bug, isn't the number 1 priority for you right now...

And I'm curious to know how many other people dealing with this bug? Which is why I'm posting it on the forum too, instead of via email only. I saw it mentioned a few separate times on here, but it always gets buried/forgotten again, as the forum isn't that active lately.

Please just make this a priority...


There is another unrelated bug that reappeared, idk when. But exporting animations as HEVC doesn't work properly (colors are wrong and frames are not playing correctly). I think it's only when exporting with transparency. Also, when using "undo" after playing an animation, it undos every single playback, instead of undoing the strokes/adjustment/etc. made.

Also, somewhat recently, I experienced some seemingly random crashes of the app, something that hasn't really happened before like this. Just thought I should mention, even if I don't know the cause yet.


Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / New UI Issues
on: December 05, 2022, 04:06:49 AM

I was just very surprised after opening the app that the UI looks very different. I think it's great that lucky clan always tries to improve their UI, however I see two major issues with this new design, that I think should be adjusted quickly.

The first one is that the new background color in darkmode is too bright grey now. It should be darker than the rest of the UI (as before), not brighter. I personally think this new lighter grey background gives the app an outdated look, and is distracting while painting. It doesn’t even feel like true darkmode anymore. Any other painting app on the market has the standard of dark grey background, lighter toolbar, because it’s better against different colors, and more neutral/ modern overall.

Also the new side sliders are a bit distracting because, there is a lot of "white space" in them, which distracts the eye in the peripheral because it’s too much/ too high of contrast for darkmode. It also looks a bit out of place, since it doesn't fit the overall selected color scheme anymore. If you're keeping this new slider, I think a thinner "white space" slider similar to Procreates implementation should be considered. The thinner slider could also match the color scheme (not necessarily). I attached a screenshot to roughly explain it all.

Thanks! :)


I’ve suggested a few improvements for the perspective tool before, and I know that there are other priorities currently. But since it has been a few months, I just wanted to mention some of the main issues again.

1) The perspective lines are almost impossible to see when they are far away on a bigger canvas size, doesn’t matter in which color.

I think thats biggest issue right now and could really be improved by implementing an opacity and line thickness slider option.

2) When using 1-point perspective the inner lines are spaced weirdly towards the center.

3) The horizon line generally often has some artifacts, and is not one clear line/color.

I included screenshots for everything.

It’s often really hard to effectively use it like it is currently and fixing these could already make it much more enjoyable.

Thanks! :)

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Tool indicator bug
on: May 06, 2022, 05:54:12 PM

There is a bug when switching tools via Bluetooth shortcuts, the small indicator in the top middle, doesn’t always show the correct tool, especially when you have set to 1 shortcut key, to cycle between multiple tools. That gets very confusing when working in fullscreen mode, so I hope it can be fixed. It used to work in the past, and it’s the same in the Beta and the official version. Also included a screen recording.

Thanks :)


I want to suggest the option to permanently move all the popover windows that open up on several different tasks (eg. adjustments, adjustment layers, perspective grid adjustment, grid adjustment, filters, etc…) permanently to the bottom right side of the canvas, so it's not always in the middle, hiding alot of the canvas/artwork. Right now every time you open a popover, you either have to move the popover window, zoom out the canvas, or move the canvas up/left/right, in order to see it. So having it in a corner, would be a lot more convenient.

It could be an option in preferences, to choose in which corner it pops up (top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right, bottom middle) so everyone would be happy.

Currently it’s possible to move the windows, but they don’t remember their position most of the time, and sometimes also crop weirdly out of the display entirely, which seems like a bug. And when restarting the app, all positions are resetting as well. So a global permanent preference setting for this would be the best.

I attached a screen recording kind of showing what I mean.

Thanks :)

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Group clipping mask
on: January 11, 2022, 10:26:52 AM

I don't know if it has been suggested before. But having the option to put groups as clipping mask would be a great feature. :)


Select/deselect layers:

So currently inside the layer window, in order to select multiple layers you have to tap on each layer individually while select mode is active, (or slide them to the right). It would be much quicker if there was an option to select multiple layers smoothly, like what happens when you’re using keyboard shortcuts and hold down shift to select multiple layers. But available as a gesture without keyboard.

This could work for example like this: when you’re in select mode, and slide with the Apple Pencil directly over the layer thumbnails, it selects and deselects those layers. The old option of tapping or swiping right could still stay, when not tapping directly on the thumbnails, and scrolling trough the layers would still work normally too when not sliding directly over the thumbnails.

Show/hide layers:

Like in select mode in order Show/hide layers in the layers window, you have to tap the eye of each layer individually. This could also work much quicker if instead of tapping the eyes, it would also be possible to just slide over the eyes with the pencil in order to hide or show them. And again scrolling would still be possible normally  when not sliding directly over the eyes. It works like this in photoshop too for example.

Thanks! :)


I think the option to clear/delete a selection over multiple selected layers at once and entire groups, would be a really useful feature when working with many layers! Kind of like with the transform tool, where it’s possible to transform a selection on just one layer, or over all currently selected layers/groups.

Thanks! :)

I recently noticed that the “increase brush size” and “decrease brush size” keyboard shortcut do not apply/work when using the “Elastify” tool and was wondering if there is a reason for that or if it actually would be possible to implement this shortcut responding within this tool as well? I think this would make sense

And on another note, is it possible to add File> canvas recording > “Play video” and “export video” to the list of things you can add to the quick menu/ top toolbar/ keyboard shortcuts? And also File > “Export Layers” from the Beta, once it’s fully implemented. And File > “Information” (sometimes it’s really nice to see how many layers you currently have while working). So I think it would be nice to have all those options available as shortcut!

Thanks! :)

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Copy & Paste between documents
on: November 22, 2021, 12:57:22 PM

I want to suggest the feature to copy & paste layers and groups between documents, with their full data preserved. Currently it’s only possible to copy and paste single layers and it doesn’t save their blending modes or layer effects, and when trying to copy multiple layers or groups, it gets merged into a single layer on the new document.

It would be really cool if it would be possible to copy & paste to new documents without data loss, like in photoshop for example.

Thanks for reading! :)

Show your work / Princess Zelda - Twilight Princess - Fanart
on: October 21, 2021, 03:53:25 AM
Done in Artstudio Pro :)

Help / What do these preference settings mean?
on: October 08, 2021, 01:49:18 PM

I just went through the preferences of Artstudio Pro again and I’m abit confused/ don’t understand what some of the options do or mean.

First one is Artstudio>Preferences>Tools>Remember resize/transform interpolation

What does that mean and how does it make a difference wether this options are turned on or off? And is it better to keep them on or off?

And the other one is Artstudio>Preferences>Apple Pencil>Maximum velocity

I tried it on maximum (100) and minimum (1). But I don’t understand what this setting does and I couldn’t feel a difference.

Thanks in advance :)

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