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Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / IDEAS - macOS and
on: August 31, 2019, 02:45:08 AM
  • Split iOS and macOS suggestions, ideas and bugs on the forum. So it's easier to search and find what you're looking for.
  • Change the reCAPTCHA to something simpler. For a simple reply on the forum it takes me a minute to write the text and 5 minutes to solve these g**damn reCAPTCHA things
  • Change on this info: The most powerful painting and photo editing app available for both iOS and macOS, to something like this: The most powerful painting and photo editing app available for iOS. Because the mac version is more expensive but it looks like there's no enhancement in development. It doesn't feel powerfull at all.
  • Put the UI in HD resolution instead the low resolution it is now
  • Let me change the place of the dockers, tool bar etc. Make it all more customizable. I would love to jump from iOS to macOS with Artstudio but the desktop version is so painfull to use.
  • Let me change the hotkeys
  • Put a hotkey in it to let me change the brush size. Not with the brackets, but a simple for example SHIFT key will do. I'll use my pen to adjust the size.
  • Better layout and navigation adjustments. Thumbnail for brushes, scroll with pen (in Krita they called it Kinetic Scrolling, remove the open file bar on top of the display or put a option in it that let's me remove it.
  • A full display (TAB) option would be nice. Artstudio is so powerfull, it doesn't have it right now.

I don't want to bash you guys, sorry if it looks like it. It feels really frustrating after switching from iOS to macOS and i'm noticing I can't even pick the right color. Not the mentiond the other cr*p I have to deal with. But now it's mentioned :)

iOS app is great! Kudos. Thanks for family sharing in the app store. When you make it truly powerfull, i'll buy the macOS version 2.

  • Hold pen on display to pick color
  • Change the value (H or S or B)
  • Color turns black, or Grey

edit: The color editor is wonky as hell :) Can't choose any color, it has a mind of its own.

edit2: And: Help>FAQ>App crashes...

Is the desktop app still in development? My experience with it right now is very disappointing.
Bummer. The iOS app is quite good.

Is there a beta available which I can use that doesn't have this issue? Or is there something wrong with my settings of some kind?

When using a pencil, right now you'll need to use the scrollbars. I't would be great you can scroll with a tap, hold & slide in the brush list. Same as in Paintstormstudio.

Also, smaller (square?) icons are preferable.

I'm using ASP on iOS and since a few days on macOS on a Huion Kamvas Pro 22.

Please add the possibility to put the toolbar on the right side of the screen. The Kamvas is a 22" (non touch) screen and I'm right handed, so it's a long way to the left side of the screen :)

And a few more UI customization options are welcome. Remove the color tab and dock the color editor tab for example.

Is painting mode on iOS something what is gonna be added on macOS?

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