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Let me say this again, this is the most underrated app on the iPad, hands down. This should be just as big as Procreate.Thank you for it. With that, I do have few suggestions to hopefully be implemented in 3.0. 

I love how you can save a brush as a favorite. It's SO easy and makes the creative process much easier. However, could you make something like Favorite 1, Favorite 2, etc.? The main reason is so if your working on a paining and then you need to work on an inked illustration, you can have different Favorite sets for each approach. These could be tabs or something similar.
Special Rulers, similar to those found in Clip Studio Paint. It would be a guide for radial line, concentric cirlces, etc.  The great thing about these is the marks are accurate but you still have pressure to adjust line variation. This would make my year. Stupid 2020.

I sing your praises to my students and others. I bought a set of PS brushes from True Grit Texture Supply, here I talked to their customer service and they mentioned their PS brushes only work accurately in PS and no other apps, not even Fresco. I told them about your app, they tested out a few of their brushes in it, and they were really impressed. They said it is the first non-PS app to handle their brushes correctly. However, they apparently didn't test enough brushes, they were correct on several brushes not working properly. They either do not make a mark at all, just lay down as a basic mark of one color, or do this really weird screen-glitch-square-mark on the artwork that cannot be undone. At all. It's really odd. I've never had any issues with any PS brushes in your app. Any idea why? Any idea if it could be fix in the future?

If a Gray color mode could be used in creating art, would it improve the performance of the app in anyway? Just wondering because I work in B&W a lot, and when switching to a Grayscale Color Mode in PS, it usual improves brush performance, file size, etc. Just curious.

When exporting as a TIFF, have the ability to export it as a flattened TIFF with LZW compression (again, similar to PS).

Thanks again for an amazing app!

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / 3.0???
on: June 03, 2020, 11:55:00 AM
Any idea when 3.0 will be released? Or can you give us a sneak peek of some of the change? Just really excited for this to be released. I use this for all my professional work and it is hands down the best illustration program for the iPad.

First of all, thank you for making such a great app. It has become my favorite app for art. Your passion and thoughtfulness in the design is obvious. After some usage, I do have some things that I (selfishly) would love to see implemented on updates in order for it to be a complete Photoshop replacement. This is in order of importance.

1a) Selective Color: This would be huge! It’s one of the best ways to color grayscale images.  By being able to apply a color to lights, mid values, and blacks, it is essential to a lot of artist. A lot more powerful than Color Balnce. Should be easy, right? Please?

1b) Layer Masks with Thumbnail: It would be amazing to have layer adjustments and be able to “paint” in the active or inactive portion of the adjustments. Again, similar to what is already on Photoshop.

2) Liquify: Already mentioned a lot, and I know It’s being worked on.

3) Wet Paint Settings: Everytime I change the settings, it restores to the default if I select a diffenent Brush. Maybe have it stay, similarly to the Mixer Brush settings in Photoshop?

4) Brush sizing: Just a different idea: For a short cut to brush sizing... what if the user uses three fingers to pinch or expand the size of the brush??? It could free up space and be a bit different than what other apps are offering.

Again, thank you for the amazing app. I have given it 5 stars on the App Store and I’ve highly  recommended it to my students. I can’t wait to see how you continue to evolve it.


P.S. I love the shortcut for the Color Picker!

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