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I recently created a set of Pencil brushes that try to capture the great feel of the pencil in Apple Notes. I put them up free on Gumroad, please enjoy!

I would like to request a tiled wrap around mode feature. The idea would be that when you turn it on, the image would be rendered as a tiling texture repeating off to the sides, and your lines would automatically wrap when you hit an edge. This would allow you to create tiling textures very easily which is a great feature for many applications including game development and 3D animation.
Ideally, this mode would support all tools- brush, eraser, selection, lasso fill, etc. And, it would be great to have a simple toggle you could place in the quick menu or toolbar.
The painting app Krita has a great implementation of this feature, for reference. Here’s a tweet with a gif that demonstrates their version: [size=78%][/size]
There are many videos on YouTube that describe how it works in Krita, for additional reference.

Thank you very much for considering this feature!

I noticed that the area to the right of the menu is unresponsive when the menu is visible. You cannot draw, make selections, add text, etc within this rectangle. When the menu is hidden, the issue goes away. Attached is a image illustrating where this occurs.

Lasso fill now has a smoothing feature which seems to be acting strangely with low values. I noticed that it defaults to a smoothing value of 10 which applies subtle rounding to corners. I wanted to disable smoothing since I wanted full control and sharp shapes. So I set it to 0/disabled. However when smoothing is set to zero, the preview line doesn’t draw. So you cannot see the shape you are drawing. With a value of 1, the preview line does draw, but it does not align with the pencil. It is much smaller. When you let go, the actually drawn shape is correct, but it is impractical to use in this state since you cannot see what you are doing accurately. It seems that the preview line approaches aligning correctly as you increase the smoothing value, but doesn’t really until you hit a value around 5.

This bug exists for both the selection lasso and lasso fill.
Side note- I think that it would be better to default the smoothing to 0/disabled since I think that is what users will expect by default. For both lasso and lasso fill.

Thanks for taking a look at this!

I’ve found that sometimes the thumbnail icons in the gallery can be lost and replaced with a question mark icon. It seems like this is related to the image being on iCloud but not currently downloaded to the device you are on. The only way I know of to get a proper preview image back is to open the image, which starts it downloading on the device. I currently see many of these missing icons and it’s kind of daunting to think of having to open each one individually to get the thumbnails back. Is it a bug that these missing icons persist, or is there a way to get art studio to refresh all the icons and get the ones from iCloud?

Tapping the move tool's arrow buttons when you have a selection will move the entire layer instead of just the selected area.

I noticed that if you turn off the duplicate option for the move tool and then tap the arrow buttons to nudge the layer, it will still duplicate the layer. You have to drag the layer once to get the nudge buttons to stop duplicating. I attached a video to show the issue (I turned on visualize touches to make the video easier to understand!)

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Alignment tools?
on: June 04, 2021, 01:50:10 PM
It would be great to get some alignment tools for lining up multiple layers. Photoshop has this in the form of buttons that appear when the move tool is selected and several layers are selected. Maybe a similar implementation would work for art studio pro, where alignment buttons appear in the side bar of the move tool?

I did a mock up of a folder hierarchy list view for the gallery. This would make navigating to different folders quicker, especially when there are nested subfolders- you could just tap on any folder in the list to highlight it and go there. It would also make it possible to potentially drag and drop selections of images directly into folders at any depth in the folder hierarchy, with less taps. I threw in a "minimize bar" that you could tap to make this panel optionally hide away to the side (an optional feature in my opinion! it might be cleaner if it was always there. But adding the minimize feature would let people use the gallery in a similar way to before as well, which is nice).

Folders currently appear as thumbnails among your images. This makes it hard to see the hierarchy of subfolders, and makes moving images into or out of nested subfolders tricky. The current solution to this is to move items via a temporary folder hierarchy list that pops down from the top bar. My concept basically makes that list a more accessible and prominent feature of the gallery, which could make navigation and organization simpler. Instead of having two visualizations of the folders- one for drilling down (the icons) and one for moving images around (the temporary list), this version could have one visualization of the folder hierarchy that does it all.

Drag and drop would be an intuitive way to move images or groups of selected images straight into a different folder in this new hierarchy list view. The current method of moving images doesn't take advantage of drag and drop, which is a very natural and discoverable way to do it, especially on touch devices.

The gallery already has great functionality, supporting moving groups of images within a structure of nested subfolders. I think that this folder list view idea would make it easier to visualize and interact with that hierarchy, enable an intuitive drag and drop implementation, and encourage people to take advantage of the gallery's organization features more. Thanks!

In the 3.2 beta, the panels section of the function list for customizing the quick menu no longer exists. Please bring it back, I found having panel shortcuts in the quick menu very useful! Thanks!

I like to set double tap to open the quick menu, but it seems that the double tap gesture settings are missing in the iPhone version. I checked that the option is still available on iPad in the 3.2 beta, and it is. It would be great to be able to use double tap gestures on iPhone too!  Thanks!

When you use a hotkey to open a panel, a small HUD notification appears briefly that says the name of the panel. It would be useful if this happened when you switch between tools with hotkeys as well, especially in fullscreen mode where the toolbar is not visible. That way you could easily tell which tool you are switching to without having to verify it by going out of full screen and looking at the toolbar.

I also noticed that a HUD notification does appear when you switch the drawing mode with a hotkey (I cycle between freehand and line a lot), but it always says "freehand" instead of saying the mode you are switching to, like "Line." Perhaps a minor bug there, it would be nice if it said the name of the specific mode you are switching to.

I like to set a couple tools to the same hotkey to take advantage of the tool cycling feature. For example, I set Brush and Eraser to the same hotkey, to swap between them very quickly. However, when coming from another tool, it always gives me the eraser first. I use the brush a lot more than the eraser, so I wish it went to the brush first.

What determines that order? It would be neat if that was something you could control. It occurred to me that you could use the order that they are in on the toolbar, which is already re-orderable, in this panel. This would handle cycles with more than just 2 tools, as well.

I was trying to use the iPhone version of Art Studio Pro and noticed that you can't swap the position of the brush size/opacity bar to the other side of the screen. On iPad, there's a "Left Hand Mode" option in the prefs that seems to be missing on iPhone. Would love to see that option. Thanks for considering it!

I read this idea mentioned in an old thread and wanted to see if it was still on your radar. I think this would be a fantastic improvement to the color toolbar for quick color selection and hope to see it in the program!

I imagine it as three vertical sliders for hue, saturation, and value, stacked vertically in the toolbar. I created a mock-up image with the HSB Color Toolbar to make sure the idea is clear.

Thanks for considering this feature!

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