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Hi Guys,

This software really growing on me! and becoming my favourite tool to use! One thing that is a bit of pain is changing the hotkeys through mac preferences! Could you guys consider bringing the way we set hotkeys on ipad to your desktop version! Maybe with the addition of been able to export your keyset! Its a bit of anightmare changing machines going from laptops, or workplaces etcs! Ipad working great if possible that would be great!

Thanks, Keep up the good work!

Hi Just want to weight in on the keyboard shortcuts! The ipad does it soo nicely can we have this reflected on the desktop

Help / Cursor Shape Disappearing
on: November 03, 2020, 07:09:58 PM
Hi Guys,

On the Mac app! When using the Cursor shape (Circle) and activating the Pressure sensitivity! The cursor shape disappear! I noticed as well that for inking there's no circle or dot preview! When using a cintiq with parallax that cursor is a big help for inking!
Do i need to toggle something!? Is there a fix for this!?


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