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I learn so much new photoshop shortcuts here, thanks! ✨

Thank you so much Lucky Clan for your hardwork!! Appreciate itt 💖💖

Hi I’ve added this video showing this bug in action. I’ve also added the Clear Blending (Temp) indicator on the top toolbar. Turns out rather than the Clear Blending being on when being held, it toggles on and off instead.

Thank you !

I usually fill my layer with pure black or pure 50% grey depending on the blending mode I used, before adding other colors, to simulate this effect. This would be hepful +1 ! ✨

Oooh thank you Lucky Clan!! Will try asap!! Thank you so much for your kind consideration 💖💕

Beta with game controllers support is available now! Waiting for your feedback. I have tested it only with Joy-Con so please let us know if other controllers works fine.

Just tested with Dualsense and it works nicely! Thanks Lucky Clan!

Hmm, rather not, sorry.

hmm does that means that if we want to use the game controller on the go, we have to rebind the shortcut for game controller. And when we get back home to our workspace and want to use our keyboard, we gotta rebind the said keys with keyboard keys? 🤔

Thank you Lucky Clan! Would this also mean that one feature would be able to hold multiple shortcuts as well? Like you can use B on keyboard or RT on joycon to activate brush

Hi Lucky Clan! Hope you've been healthy!

I found a bug where if you hold tilda key (clear blending temp) and then brush several times, it turns on and off. I believe this isn't supposed to happen


Also I found out that you've implemented the number keys for opacity! It helps tremendously thank you so much! 💖🥰

Well yes and no 😅 You have to the start the controller in "keyboard mode" and then all of it's buttons get a random letter assigned (you can't choose). But then you can assign those letters to specific shortcuts within the Artstudio Pro preferences

Ah I see thank you icezimy! Waiting for Artstudio's joycon integration then! 💖

Huge fan of the app :)
With the recent Ios 16 update, there is an option to pair Gamepad.
I was wondering if there would be a possibility to add shortcuts based on Gamepad Like here (unfortunately there is no way to remap gamepad buttons to keyboard shortcuts on IPAD)

Thank you for the best painting app on iPad!

This is really nice!! +1 !! ✨


You can give the "8bitdo zero 2" controller a try. It has a "keyboard mode" and thus it's currently the only controller that can work for drawing shortcuts on iPad (as far as I'm aware). It's also small enough to hold in one hand.

Been using it for over an year like that and love it. Really helps to speed up the overall process.😄

thanks for sharing! is the buttons on the joystick configurable for iPad if I may ask?

Hi Lucky Clan, thank you so much for your reply and consideration!
Can't wait to try! ✨

Thanks for all your suggestions about mask/clipping mask, they are really helpful!
We will implement some of them in the new major update.

Upping this since I feel that mask interaction in Artstudio Pro right now is the least intuitive and effective one compared to other drawing programs like Photoshop or CSP, even Procreate.

Especially the selected-mask layer indicator, move layer + mask, and rearranging layers.

Again regarding the name convention, I assume you base this on Procreate's naming convention. Which is a different program and not even the widely used standard.

I think getting used to Artstudio Pro's naming convention is to be expected since this is a different program and environment. I believe you can google artstudio's counterpart using the term you're familiar with.

A search bar would be a fantastic solution to this issue of finding features that are hard to locate. The only fly in the ointment here is the issue of typing the terms themselves. The designers would need to “tag’ the different features in a way making it possible to quickly locate whatever it is you need to find otherwise you might end up looking for something you think isn’t there…but it’s there but is named differently. So there is a naming convention that needs addressing if this solution is chosen.

And also a suggested solution for Lucky Clan to mitigate a little bit the concern above

this is also inline with the suggestion below :
Suggestion : Search Bar for Quick Menu and Keyboard Shortcuts


I use Photoshop fulltime, and I cannot overstate how many times I've used this search feature in photoshop.
Its default shortcut is cmd+F or ctrl+F. It would show a floating window similar to spotlight on Mac, and you can search any feature by typing the name.

It makes finding a feature so so much faster and easier. It saves so much time compared to trying to find the feature in each of the menu, especially if the feature is deep within the menu tree.

basically similar to this mockup I made back then, linked below.

I believe this feature, together with the features mentioned on the thread above would be a game changer for the User Experience. It would make it way faster and easier to use a feature. Especially given how feature-rich Artstudio Pro has been 🥰

Hi Dorothyfan1, I assumed you've never really used Clip Studio Paint or Photoshop.

I think Artstudio Pro's target market and usage is more akin to aforementioned Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop, which is a feature-rich powerhouse editing/painting app. Unlike Procreate which is made from the ground up UX-wise to be easier to doodle with, despite its more barebone features.

Where Artstudio Pro excels is in its customizability. You can basically tune it based on your unique workflow. You can have a toolbar filled with features you'd frequently use.

I believe, picking up a new program, especially a feature rich one like this would expect you to also spend time getting used to their terminologies and features.

Here are the full list of the features currently supported in Artstudio Pro


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