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Still holding out for this feature, I don’t think it made it in yet. Hoping it’s still on the list!

Would love to get Lucky Clan’s thoughts on this mock-up I did a while ago! I still think it would be a big improvement to the app.

Now that Lucky Clan is back in the forums, I hope they don’t miss this one! Seems like it could be an easy win.

It looks like the layer thumbnails are rendering weird alphas on transparent layers. they look fuzzy and seem to have dark halos. This is the case in light and dark mode, and with the light or dark backgrounds options for them.

I wanted to check out your pdf, but for some reason that post won’t load!

I would also love this feature! I suggested it in a previous thread here and did a little mockup to suggest how it might look. There was some discussion about it that you might find interesting. I hope this new interest in it moves it up the priority list!

love that idea!

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Apple Pencil Hover
on: October 25, 2022, 03:01:03 PM
Very excited to see what Lucky Clan does for this!

The brush tool icon on the toolbar looks like it just disappears if the selected brush has a small radius. It looks like there isn't even a button there!

You can see an example in the attached image. With a brush selected that has a radius of 1, you cant see the icon at all.

The brush stamp icon scales down if the size is below 70 pixels, all the way to nothing. It makes it really hard to see. I think it would be better to simply not do this scaling and leave the brush stamp icon large. There is a number below it that displays the pixel size, so you could still tell how big it is.

When I show the program to friends who are trying to learn it, this is a common point of confusion early on. Often times, they don't even know there is a brush tool icon because its invisible! Removing the scaling is a simple fix that would really help make the UI more approachable and easy to read. Thanks for your consideration!

It would be great if you could view .artstudio files in the Reference Panel. This would allow you to look at other paintings you are making while working, saving you the step of having to export an image of your paintings first. Thanks for your consideration!

Yes please!

re: number 3- Clear exists, exactly as you describe it fyi! Its in the edit menu, and is assignable to the quick menu. I use it all the time that way. You can also assign a hotkey to it if you are using a Bluetooth keyboard.

I like the number 4 idea of a slim mode for the layers panel! Something similar was just added to the brushes panel. Would be a great feature especially for the smaller iPad mini screen size.

You can get polygonal behavior with lasso fill if you turn off auto close in the tool options fyi! (Tool options is the little slider button below the color sliders on the side). With auto close off, you can tap to do polygonal lines, or drag to draw curves, at any time even during drawing one shape.

If you use the Offset filter on a large canvas and input high values for the offset, the image quality gets degraded. I was testing on a canvas that is 2048x2048, and the effect is clear. Things become very aliased, thin lines get turned into blocky pixels. The higher the offset value, the more extreme the aliasing becomes.

This becomes an issue for authoring seamless textures, where the offset functionality needs to be lossless as it gets repeated many times.

When you drag the brush size slider, the icon on the toolbar renders over itself as it animates, making it illegible. You can see the issue in the attached video captured on iPhone.

Also- the icon is of the brush stamp and scales down to nothing when the size goes to 1- I find this pretty impractical. I often work with small brushes and it effectively makes the brush icon invisible most of the time. There also is a bug that makes the little radius number below the icon not render sometimes which makes things worse.

I think a very simple improvement would be to just not animate the size of the brush stamp on the icon. Just leave it a constant scale that is large enough to see. Let the radius number inform you of the current size. The visual scale of the icon can’t be a great preview of the brush size anyway because it’s limited to the size of the toolbar height.

There are some brushes with very transparent stamps that are hard to see on the icon as well, even when they are larger… I’m not sure about what to do to improve this other than trying normalizing the opacity range of the stamp for the toolbar icon. But that may look strange in some cases.

Thanks for your consideration!

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