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Pick layer is already available in the double and triple tap gesture options, but I already use those for other things! It would be great if you could map it to long press :)

It would be great if in the gesture preferences under long press, there was an entry for “pick layer,” which would be functionally similar to the “long press to pick” option in the move tool. This would let you use long press to pick a layer without having to switch to the move tool first, allowing you to quickly paint in different layers. It would be similar to the other entries for eyedropper and autoshape, a simple numerical value that would set how long it takes to invoke.

I hope this gets addressed!

When you select the pattern bucket fill tool there is a short delay before it switches to the tool, which isn’t the case with other tools. When working rapidly this causes the app to not register strokes in time right after switching to the tool. Please make it instant like other tools! Thank you!

Could we get an assignable hotkey that shows the quick menu? Right now you can only get it via gestures but when working with a Bluetooth keyboard it would be great to have a hotkey. (On iOS here, not sure how it works on Mac)

I think the closest thing is the reference viewer window. Some apps like safari or google docs let you open two instances side by side, which I always thought might be an interesting feature for art studio pro. Especially if you could drag or copy selections and layers across. Who knows if a two doc view within a single instance would be simpler though.

+1 for please don't follow procreate down the 3D rabbit hole! Keeping the app focused on 2D painting and editing, stable, reliable, and with solid implementations of the super commonly used tools (that arent always the flashy ones!) is what makes Art Studio Pro the best art app! That, and the super good responsiveness to community feedback here on this forum! Thanks Lucky Clan!

For me, its not really about the anti theft feature. Its useful to just know where brushes came from in your library, in case you want to track them down again!

Thanks for looking into it, I really appreciate that! I would send you a document but I don't think it would do much good-  I was seeing the undo bug I described with a brand new 4K document as soon as I opened the animation panel and started trying to draw, which should be relatively simple to recreate on your side. The bug was extremely consistent here, and then after a few hours of working, I found that it started to happen maybe 50% of the time.

But I've been seeing a whole lot of other crazy stuff using the animation tool, unfortunately... I'll record some videos when I have time. Its kind of a lot to describe, you have to see it really. Basically what I'm finding is that if you just use the animation panel long enough, the app gets into a buggy state and everything goes crazy. In this state a few things happen:
- Scrolling the animation timeline through a bunch of frames causes the canvas to flash wildly (the canvas is refreshing to the wrong frames, often visibly low res for a quarter second as it updates). The app stutters and cant scroll smoothly.
- Using the transform tool on a frame makes all the frames visible on top of each other when you commit, until you select a different frame and reselect the one you were editing to force it to refresh. it looks how it does when you close the animation panel, and it displays all the layers on top of each other.
- The whole thing grinds to a really slow framerate when you try to draw if you get over maybe 40 or so frames at 1080 resolution, which seems like a pretty low limit for the frame count. I lowered the resolution from 4K to 1080p and saw significant perf gain, and was able to make a few more frames before it got slow again, at which point I just had to make a new document to continue working.

It's pretty tough to use the animation panel tools in its current state. It feels like the app is just breaking down in terms of performance when trying to scale up right now, in addition to some simple refresh bugs with the undo. Maybe the scope of the animation tool is targeting low resolution gifs with less than 30 frames? Maybe my expectations don't match the intended use case here.

Because of the practical limitation of only having one layer of frames, I'm using the animation feature for simple storyboards right now instead of animation, which requires less images and can be done with just a single simple lines layer. Not sure how I would take things further currently, in terms of more complex images or more frames- or if I should expect to be able to.

I noticed that using the two finger tap or three finger tap to undo/redo seems to do nothing when the Animation Panel is open. After looking deeper, I found that the undo buttons on the side of the interface, and the undo functions in the edit menu do work correctly when the Animation Panel is open. I then found that if you undo with the gestures and then zoom or move the canvas a little bit, it gets the canvas to refresh, and you can see the effects of your undo. So it appears that when the animation panel is open, if you use the tap gestures to undo or redo, the action happens, but the canvas does not refresh, and so you do not see the effects.
The tiny little image of the canvas in the animation panel actually displays the undo action correctly, even when using the gestures. If you close the animation Panel, the undo tap gestures function as expected and the canvas updates properly.

This is a pretty big hit to the workflow with the animation tools, hopefully its a quick and simple fix. This is in version 5.1.6 (925)

+1! Would be great

Nice ideas, it would be really handy to be able to open any amount of reference panels you like!

Hyped to see the quick menu use the favorite's name in the latest release! Thank you!

Still holding out for this feature, I don’t think it made it in yet. Hoping it’s still on the list!

Would love to get Lucky Clan’s thoughts on this mock-up I did a while ago! I still think it would be a big improvement to the app.

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