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I agree! This also confused me. I expected "Close" to discard the changes to the brush. It might be nice to have a confirm pop up that says "Discard changes?" with "Discard" or "Apply" if you press the Close button. might make the interface a bit slower, but it would prevent accidentally losing changes a lot of the time.

Hi, it looks like you have addressed this issue in a recent update, thank you so much! However, I noticed that there is still what appears to be a minor amount of smoothing that occurs on the lasso/lasso fill tools, even when smoothing is set to 0/disabled. When you make a shape and let go quickly, the final corner of the shape where you let go gets rounded. I have attached an image that shows the kind of sharp corner I expect to get with the pre-visualization line, compared with the rounded shape I actually end up getting. This unwanted rounding only happens when you let go quickly- if you hold for a second, the corner comes out nice and sharp. But letting go quickly that is something that I do very commonly, so I get a bad shape pretty frequently.

Thanks for taking care of the other issues with the lasso tools, I hope you can get to this detail as well. It seems like a minor bug, but it actually has a pretty significant impact on my experience with the tools. It affects the lasso fill tool as well as the lasso selection tool. Thank you very much for your help with this one!

Thanks! I did include one in there that does tilt! Should be the last one in the list. I opted not to have tilt for the others for more consistency in their lines.

I recently created a set of Pencil brushes that try to capture the great feel of the pencil in Apple Notes. I put them up free on Gumroad, please enjoy!

I would like to request a tiled wrap around mode feature. The idea would be that when you turn it on, the image would be rendered as a tiling texture repeating off to the sides, and your lines would automatically wrap when you hit an edge. This would allow you to create tiling textures very easily which is a great feature for many applications including game development and 3D animation.
Ideally, this mode would support all tools- brush, eraser, selection, lasso fill, etc. And, it would be great to have a simple toggle you could place in the quick menu or toolbar.
The painting app Krita has a great implementation of this feature, for reference. Here’s a tweet with a gif that demonstrates their version: [size=78%][/size]
There are many videos on YouTube that describe how it works in Krita, for additional reference.

Thank you very much for considering this feature!

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Importing fonts
on: July 19, 2021, 03:48:03 AM
I just did a little test on the iPhone version of ASP, which I assume works the same on iPad- I was able to import a font by putting down some text, selecting it, opening the tool options window (three little dots under the brush size/opacity sliders), and then clicking the font name to enter the font selection list, and then clicking what looks like an export button (little box with a arrow pointing up). It’s actually an import button! I found a font file and it appeared at the top of the list. Hope that works for you.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Pinch to merge layers.
on: July 18, 2021, 02:29:19 AM
I actually do not like the pinch to merge layers feature in procreate. It makes what is a very common task difficult to discover because there is no UI element. It is also difficult to execute accurately, especially for two layers that are right next to each other --a common case-- since your fingers begin so close together and have no where to pinch.

Personally, I think adding this would be a misstep.

Cant wait. Thank you!

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Multi instance support.
on: July 13, 2021, 10:17:49 PM
Opening two images side by side within one instance of the app (with a splitter in the middle) might actually be a better way to have two images open at once though. That way, you wouldn't need 2 instances of all the panels/toolbar/menu, which would save you twice the screenspace. You would have one layer panel that would switch which image's layers its showing when you switch focus to each image. The selected brush and color would remain the same. This would be exactly how it works when you have more than one image open in photoshop.
It would also probably be more discoverable than opening multiple instances of the app, since not many apps support that and not many people are aware of the feature. And, probably easier to maintain in terms of development, since apple is probably going to keep tweaking how opening multiple instances of apps works behind the scenes. It would also avoid the question of what happens if you open the same image in both app instances and try to save one- which would invalidate the other. If they were both in the same app instance, it could gray out any image that is already open when you try to open a second one, disallowing it to be opened again and therefore avoiding the issue.

Art Studio Pro already can have multiple images loaded- this would be a real cool extension of that feature.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Multi instance support.
on: July 13, 2021, 09:51:08 PM
honest question, what's the benefit of multiple instances? i don't really see any >.<

It seems to me it would be akin to having two images open in photoshop. If you could copy layers across from one image to the other, it would be very powerful.

Totally. It does fit and it is nice to see it on one line to get the space back. It does get a bit visually crowded/cramped, which makes it a bit overwhelming to read. Especially considering that the toolbar can be extended to potentially even longer lengths. I imagine it gets a bit tougher if the app is narrowed by being in split screen, which is a case that needs to be supported too. I could see a switch that swaps between the menu with the toolbar on the top edge. You never really need both at once, functionally. Might be a nice option that conserves screen space/minimizes crowding.

Thanks for confirming!
I think the menu was all in one line across the entire top edge and always visible, but that made it so the toolbar had to go on the side of the screen. I put most of the menu items I use frequently in the quick menu so I like that you can hide this menu to reclaim space. It is nice that its position lets the side of the screen be clear, too. I actually prefer this setup over the old layout- it feels less desktop-ish because the menu can be hidden, while maintaining the intuitive, discoverable access to functions that a menu adds. It definitely prioritizes discoverability over speed of use, but the quick menu can make up for that since its designed for speed instead of discoverability. I think there is a setting in the preferences to make the menu not auto close too, that you might want to try.

I noticed that the area to the right of the menu is unresponsive when the menu is visible. You cannot draw, make selections, add text, etc within this rectangle. When the menu is hidden, the issue goes away. Attached is a image illustrating where this occurs.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Brush Search
on: July 11, 2021, 01:23:10 PM
This would be nice! Also, search in the gallery view to find documents!

Lasso fill now has a smoothing feature which seems to be acting strangely with low values. I noticed that it defaults to a smoothing value of 10 which applies subtle rounding to corners. I wanted to disable smoothing since I wanted full control and sharp shapes. So I set it to 0/disabled. However when smoothing is set to zero, the preview line doesn’t draw. So you cannot see the shape you are drawing. With a value of 1, the preview line does draw, but it does not align with the pencil. It is much smaller. When you let go, the actually drawn shape is correct, but it is impractical to use in this state since you cannot see what you are doing accurately. It seems that the preview line approaches aligning correctly as you increase the smoothing value, but doesn’t really until you hit a value around 5.

This bug exists for both the selection lasso and lasso fill.
Side note- I think that it would be better to default the smoothing to 0/disabled since I think that is what users will expect by default. For both lasso and lasso fill.

Thanks for taking a look at this!

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