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We will consider that in the future. I mean if more users will send similar request we will do it.

Awesome, thanks for the response.  :D

Help / Re: Selecting a Favorite resets current brush size
on: March 18, 2023, 05:24:25 PM
Is there a way to make the user created Favorites brush size not reset to their saved size when selecting them?
Like when creating a Favorite, there is an option to save color (or not) along with the brush. Could saving the size be an option as well?

I’ve found this frustrating too, especially since it doesn’t remember the size settings you saved in the brush size slider when you select the favorited version of the brush.

Would it be possible to sign brushes and templates as yours? It’s a feature I really liked in Procreate. This is really helpful for selling brush palettes and templates. It makes it much harder for others to copy and resell your brushes and such.

How exciting! Will this be pixel or vector based? Just curious.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Flesh tones
on: March 18, 2023, 05:10:46 PM
Here are some of my favorite skin tone palettes. The artist that made them goes by puppsickle. You can find more by them on Pinterest or google. I usually color pick them and save them as swatches.

Thanks for the files sent by email. Bug is fixed!

No problem. Thank you for you hard work. Can’t wait to draw without that bug in the way.  :D 🐛

Could you export your Preferences using Artstudio > Preferences > ... > Export and send me them to [email protected]

Please also tell me which brush were you using when it happened?

I will send you the export. Also, I have been using my custom brushes mostly, but it seems to happen no matter what brush I use. I can send you my custom brushes if that helps.

I believe I’ve found a bug… For the past few months, I have been experiencing an issue while drawing where random brush stamps appear on my screen. I have tried disabling touch, but that didn't solve the problem. R

I have also noticed that this usually generates on the outer edges of the layer I'm working on at the time, and it occurs even when I'm zoomed in too. I only notice the brush stamps when I zoom out again. It's frustrating to have to erase these random stamps periodically, and it happens regardless of the brush I use. Moreover, the stamps always correspond to the brush I am using at the time.

Update: I believe this is a palm rejection bug. I’m finding that, along with the brush stamps randomly appearing, when my palm rests on the screen, the pen will suddenly stop drawing. These brush stamps aren’t showing up until my palm or fingers hit the screen (hence why they seem to be showing up on the edges of where I am painting).

I’m also getting glitches with the brush size suddenly changing, guides suddenly appearing on my canvas (I have the rulers on), and the color picker showing up (which makes more sense then the former issues). This seems to happen in both “pencil only” and “draw with pencil and finger” modes. I have touch set to none in gesture settings as well as three-finger swipe set to brush size and default settings for the color picker.

 yes, this would be very helpful! +1

Help / Re: Pixel art brushes?
on: February 24, 2023, 03:27:28 PM
For more precision you can enable the pixel grid by going to view > show > show pixel grid, you can then zoom in till you see the grid.

Help / Re: Pixel art brushes?
on: February 24, 2023, 03:22:04 PM
I’ve been interested in doing some pixel art as of lately and I’ve noticed that the brush strokes look kind of soft? Here’s what I mean;

The brush they use are singular pixel? Meaning there’s no soft like edges around it. When I do it there’s soft edges. Making the line look fuzzy, I don’t want the fuzzy look but I don’t know how to get rid of it. Any help?

Figured it out.  8) I downloaded a free pixel brush pack in .abr format and messed around with the settings. All you need to do is make sure that the “Hard Edges” setting is enabled. I attached the screenshot in case you don’t know where the setting is. Hope this helps you!

We cannot implement it at this moment, few more urgent things are on our todo list now, sorry.

I recommend using multi-document feature to quickly switch between comic pages..

Took me a second to find and enable the switch between documents icon. I must have accidentally turned it off when messing around in the settings.  I’m happy to find that this exists, while it still means there’s no way to export a multi-page pdf or psd, I can live without that for now.   ;D

It has a superior layout and better color palette support that Artstudio Pro simply doesn’t have. For this reason alone my choice has been made for me. So if I’m forced between push and shove…I’m sticking with Clipstudio Paint. I’m deleting Artstudio Pro soon. Now if Procreate does the same thing I’ll have to sit down once again and make the same cold hard decision which app to stick to if I’m forced to pay annual fees for something I purchased. Most important in that decision will be file support…and Artstudio Pro simply doesn’t have that much file support that can be converted to. Not to mention brush library support is way behind Procreate.

I agree that CSP is a great program for digital artists, but its user interface is the worst thing that’s ever been ported to iPad. It’s practically unusable without a keyboard or a remote. It is not designed for a touch device, it is designed for a desktop. They have the companion app now for shortcuts, but it’s way inferior to the Tabmate which is unusable on IOS. Don’t get me wrong, I learned digital art on CSP (on desktop) and still feel it is an amazing piece of software. But, saying it’s superior over ASP isn’t a fair comparison. They are drastically different in what they’re designed for and CSP for iPad isn’t user friendly at all. Now if you’re comparing desktop programs, it’s again not a great comparison… ASP on Mac is much younger than CSP.

For me, I’d take ASPs file conversion limitations over CSPs terrible cloud system, but that’s just me.

Now for Procreate’s brush engine vs ASP’s… While ASP’s brush engine has more of a learning curve, it is much more feature rich than Procreate’s. I’ve been able to recreate all my Procreate brushes without any problems.

Clip Studio Paint already has this feature…unlimited references. The only thing I wish they did was allow you to scroll through them like in carousel mode like the iPhone.

I’d love to see this option in ASP. Infinite Painter also does this pretty well. They have an option to add multiple images at once and you can hide, resize, and position them individually in whatever way you like. They also plan to add a way to lower reference image opacity so you can “trace” them.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Set the brush angle?
on: February 23, 2023, 08:37:00 PM
Gotta love ASP’s customizability… btw amazing artwork!

Agreed, ASP is fantastic that way. And thank you so much!  ;D

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