Author Topic: Quickmenu improvements: smaller size & better palm rejection (1finger function)  (Read 604 times)


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Hi. I really love the latest update so far.
A lot of quality improvements. Especially love the 'Behind Blending' and 'Erase Blending' options for the Quickmenu and the ability to open it with one finger.

- As I've been using ASP more frequently now, I noticed that my palm (while drawing) is opening up the Quickmenu every 10 seconds, which is quiet annoying. So I'd like to ask if the palm rejection could be improved here a bit.

- Also it is very fast and convenient to swipe to the desired function in the Quickmenu but it feels a little bit too big overall. (small complaint) Is it possible to shrink the Quickmenu a little bit? (maybe 30% smaller)
Or having it as slices (pizza style) and not cubes so you can just swipe in the direction and instantly switch tools/use functions.

Thanks for the great work so far. Really enjoying the program.
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Could you record on video (using smartphone) the problem with Palm Rejection? (send it to

Quick Menu layout - i'm using standard button sizes similar to Accessibility buttons used in iOS. We like this size. Shinking that may cause accidental Quick Menu touches.