Author Topic: Trouble using a 3rd party pencil  (Read 264 times)


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Trouble using a 3rd party pencil
on: July 21, 2020, 02:36:33 PM
Hello, just wanted to see if there was anyway I could get any help with an issue I've been having with a 3rd party pencil when using Art Studio Pro.

I picked up an Addonit note+ at a really good price a while back, but for some reason it fails to stay connected for very long when using Art Studio Pro.  I thought it was the pen, so I contacted Addonit, and to their credit after some back and forth with trouble shooting the pen itself, they tried a full replacement of the pen.  Still after the replacement of the pen Im still getting disconnected from the App anywhere from 20 seconds to 1 minute after I start drawing with it.  The only exception being that if I dont actually draw anything, the pen stays connected. Thinking it was still the pen, I tried other apps and didnt have the same problem.  I've checked the charge level on the pen and even when both it and the ipad were at 100% I still have this disconnection problem.  For the very short time that its connected, the tilt and pressure and buttons all work really well, so I really want to figure out why it keeps disconnecting.  It gets so bad that I've just stopped connecting it most of the time and use it as a stylus rather than a connected pencil tool.