Author Topic: Feature Request: Reference Layer for Bucket fill and magic wand  (Read 1079 times)


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Right now bucket fill/magic wand work with either the Current layer or All Layers. I woud like the option to use a reference layer.  For example, if I have my line work on one layer, I’d like to reference only that layer and bucket fill onto a different layer. If I have my flat colors already laid out, i’d like the magic wand to only reference the flat clolor layer, while I work on a different layer.

Currently, I have to disable ALL other layers to do this.

I’d also like the option for the bucket fill to overfill by some number pixels, like how selections can expanded.

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Bucket fill - i agree, using reference layer as a bucket source layer is a good idea, i will consider adding this asap

Magic Wand - imo in this tool it is not necessary because this tool does not change layer content, you don't have to hide all layers (you have to only change active layer). However your request makes sense also in this case, but i will rather add this later.