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Hey there!

I've sent these over to Sylwester but thought it'd be good to post the list i've compiled for any other community members to discuss. I was going to sell my iPad before discovering this app, use it an absolute tonne and love it to bits but there's a few things that i've noticed and some friends have mentioned to me in passing. Amazing work thus far and thanks an absolute tonne for all the work that's gone into it thus far!

•   This one is a pretty big one - but is there any way to have a way for quickly drawing straight lines? The only thing I miss from procreate is their function of holding down a stroke for a custom set amount of time to create a perfectly straight line. Very useful for linework!

▪   Possibility to have a shortcut for locking layer opacity, very useful when working with graphic shapes without going through two menu items. Know many friends who use this function in photoshop for certain art styles.

•   Would there be any possibility for being able to remap keyboard shortcuts to custom options? Not sure how much is allowed within IOS in this regard

•   Would there be any chance of a thumbnail view of brushes, I and many of my friends use the thumbnail view for a very large library of brushes and recognise them in that view rather than stroke preview. Would that also possibly speed up the loading of different brush packs?

•   Bit of a stretch and you may not want to make the interface too clunky, but would there be a way of having an option of keeping the colour editor, maybe just HSB sliders in a floating window so quick colour changes while painting aren’t an extra click away? Maybe having the option to remove the swatch palette or have that be thin end to end set of colour sliders so they’re more usable on the fly. For some things swatches work, but full painting needs the full range of options and being a click away slows the process.

•   There’s a slight delay of the brush selector or colour palette minimising when starting a stroke on the canvas, its very little but when flicking between as much as I do it slow down the flow a bit on an otherwise incredibly fast program

•   Background autosave - might this be able to be implemented? the dialogue box popping up is rather jarring but disabling the function is even more scary!

•   Moveable UI elements, people have a lot of ways of using things, and I understand this may be the hardest to implement but things like the brush & colour buttons being in different places on normal & full screen would be helped if they could be dragged around the outside of the screen.

•   One thing that would be an absolute godsend would be using some of the empty UI bar near the brush and colour buttons for having custom buttons on the UI that could be custom mapped to functions such as flip canvas, opacity lock and such. Would be a great midground between using a physical keyboard and menu diving
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Re: Various suggestions to speed up workflow techniques
Reply #1 on: June 15, 2018, 01:29:23 PM
- quick lines - current you can change Drawing mode to "Lines", and it can be also saved in brush. Quick line painting (move then long-press gesture) is planned for version 1.4.

- lock transparency keyboard shortcut - we will add it soon

- custom shortcut - we will consider implementing it later this year, maybe in version 1.5

- stamp brush thumbnails instead of stroke - i will consider that for version 1.4. In fact it was already implemented in development phase, but we decided to change that to strokes.

- faster brush loading - it will be faster after changing thumbnails strokes to stamps

- permanent HSL editor - this is planned for version 1.4, however i'm not sure how it should work. I'm open to suggestions. Remember that it cannot make interface clunky, it must be something smart.

- small lag after closing brush editor - this happen because app prepares brush to be ready to use (some scaling etc), for some brushes the lag may be noticeable. Currently i don't have an idea how to improve that. I will do some researches soon.

- save in bg - not possible sorry. Saving needs a lot of GPU tasks to be made, on iOS GPU operations cannot be made in background. The slowest part when saving is generating document png preview - used then in "Quick Preview", export etc. But it is very important to have it always up-to-date.

- movable UI elements - maybe in the rather distant future ;)


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Re: Various suggestions to speed up workflow techniques
Reply #2 on: June 16, 2018, 09:26:15 PM
Autosaving is important indeed, but it could have a more "democratic" option rather than being turned on and off. For example, prompting user to save with a red alert "time to save" icon somewhere in the corner. I think, I've seen something like this in ArtRage.