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3 questions/features
on: April 15, 2018, 05:15:03 AM
Hey. Once again thank you for an awesome app. I have 3 questions/functions that I can’t seem to find in Artstudio Pro. The functions might already be in the app or you might have a workaround for them - in that case please let me know where to find it.

1) Adjustment Layers
Is there a way to have for example Hue/Saturation correspond to the actuel layer you are on instead of adding an adjustment layer on its own? For example: I have a layer with a base color and another layer clipped to that with light/shadow. I like to mess around with the hue/saturation to get the colors right, but as of now i have to unclip the light-layer, make the adjustments on a clipping mask to this light-layer, merge them together and then clip them to the base color again.
Its very timeconsuming for something that should be very fast and easy.

2) Is it possible to add a ‘stroke taper’ setting for brushes? I like the way Procreate does this. It makes it easy to have a consistant thickness of your lines, and still make it taper towards the end/beginning of the line. I can get a similar stroke in Artstudio Pro, but im reliant on pressure which, for me, can be quite hard to keep consistant.

3) The use of underlying color when painting. Is there a way to add this to the brush setting, for example lile Clip Studio Paint does it? I know you have Smudge-tool and wet paint tool, but i cant seem to get the same feeling of the brushes as i have in Clip Studio Paint with thier option to use underlying color to blend while painting.

Thanks and omce again, great job on the app.