Author Topic: Built in Dithering in Brush Engine  (Read 3954 times)


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Built in Dithering in Brush Engine
on: December 26, 2023, 07:44:57 AM

I saw in the recent forum post by another user regarding adding vector tools, that there’s going to be changes to the graphics engine. I was hoping that given this is happening, if the team would consider having their brush engine dither brushes the way Photoshop does, as it greatly reduces color banding issues. As of right now, the only thing stopping me from using Art Studio Pro exclusively is the color banding that happens when using low opacity brushes, but especially the smudge tool. Adding noise and patterns doesn’t eliminate the color banding either. Photoshop, especially when you’re working on the same layer, manages to blend colors with the smudge tool with excellent dithering and zero color banding. Procreate also has this issue of color banding, and they’re even more egregious. If it’s possible to get that into this graphics update, I’d be forever grateful to the team.

Happy holidays and best wishes, thank you for the work you’ve done so far.