Author Topic: [Suggestion] Change / update how lighting works for layer lighting settings  (Read 499 times)


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I'll do my best to explain this one, but one of the things that drives a few people away from ASP (Art Studio Pro) are certain layer lighting options, such as Linear Dodge - Add. I feel a little bad using Procreate as a direct comparison, but this is true for other programs as well. If I save a PSD from ASP and directly reupload it to another app like Proc with the same exact settings, I will get a different picture if I am using those layer lighting settings.

Edit: Specifically specifically, it would be nice if the lighting options did more than just turn white.

The specific settings in question are:

  • Lighten
  • Linear Dodge - Add
  • Vivid Light
  • Hard Mix

Here are a few pics illustrating the differences. This first example is using the "Linear Dodge - Add" layer setting.

And this is the same PSD and settings moved over to Procreate

EDIT: Adding a note here that Clip studio Paint can do the same thing, but Photoshop cannot.

Here is a larger graph comparing lighting options. The vertical colored lines are stable, the horizontal lines are the ones with the specific layer setting.

Art Studio Pro:

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I was wondering why linear light behaved so weirdly outside of my usual programs! I would love this change, so much of my ASP pics wind up looking dull without it behaving this way