Author Topic: brushes do odd things depending on if pencil / brush / wet brush selected.  (Read 1649 times)

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for example, try neon as pencil, brush, wet brush. does weird things.

some brushes seem not to work at all in some modes.

what’s up with that.

and for gosh sake, put in the faq how to get to the brushe editor. i’d never have found it were it not for your post on procreate.

and there are other Editors?

rally out need a manual, please.

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All brushes except ones in "Wet Painting" group are optimized for basic Paint tool.
Wet Paint tool ignores brush setting from "Aux Stamp" section, that's why brushes uses these settings looks weird.
For Wet Paint tool use brushes from "Wet Painting" section.

We will create video tutorial aboug Brush Editor soon.