Author Topic: Suggestions: I want to give some useful suggestions for Artstudio Pro  (Read 586 times)


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嗨,我身為Artstudio Pro的忠實使用者,覺得比Procreate很棒,想要給一些建議......
Hi, as a loyal user of Artstudio Pro, I think it's better than Procreate. I want to give some suggestions...

Can provide more languages

你們提供的中文版,讓中文使用者可以開心使用,我有時候希望Artstudio Pro有個國際想法,可以添加西班牙、日文、韓文、法文...,也有不會英文的人會想使用你們的軟體
The Chinese version you provide allows Chinese users to use it happily. I sometimes hope that Artstudio Pro has an international idea, which can add Spanish, Japanese, Korean, French..., and people who don’t know English will want to use your software.

2. Save PSD to keep Adjustment Layer and Layer Effects

我也是Photoshop使用者,Artstudio Pro有個非常可惜的地方,就是存PSD,在Photoshop打開,調整圖層和圖層樣式就會消失,非常可惜~
I am also a Photoshop user. Artstudio Pro has a very pity, that is, save the PSD, open it in Photoshop, the Adjustment Layer and Layer Effects will disappear, it is a pity~

有一些人Artstudio Pro當成Photoshop使用,希望改進
Some people use Artstudio Pro as Photoshop and hope to improve

Affinity Photo可以做到,我希望Artstudio Pro可以也做到~
Affinity Photo can do it, I hope Artstudio Pro can do it~

hope you export ABR

使用Photoshop筆刷(ABR)是你們的最大優勢,也許可以讓你們可以嘗試做一些挑戰,導出ABR,你們的筆刷很棒,我想要在Photoshop和Procreate使用它,會讓Artstudio Pro變成世界最棒的繪畫工具
Using Photoshop brushes (ABR) is your biggest advantage. Maybe you can try to do some challenges. Export ABR. Your brushes are great. I want to use it in Photoshop and Procreate to make Artstudio Pro the best in the world. Great painting tools

Can use Photoshop Plugin

Can assist some functions to increase speed

I am a Chinese user, I hope you have great suggestions and reply to me
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Thanks :)

1. Maybe in the future. Adding a language is a lot of work, and it is very hard to find somebody who could make a translation.
2. It is also a lot of work, we are currently too busy working on other features, like UI and painting engine improvements.
3. ABR export would be a bit limited because current version of Artstudio Pro has many more options...
4. No, Photoshop plugin is not planned.


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OK, I wish you a smooth development