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Size of palette, brush saving etc.
on: May 25, 2020, 05:04:13 AM
Hi! I just bought the app and it's wonderful! I cant help but compare it to procreate though.

A few things I noticed:

1. Most of the brushes are really good and perform well. But some of the wet painting brushes have a certain lag when used, and it's only 50-100 px. I wish you could optimise some of those complex brushes.

2. Saving brushes is kinda confusing. I use the + icon to create new brush from currently selected brush. After renaming and editing, I close the brush settings and draw with the brush. Which was tweaked. So I assumed it was fine. But then when I go back to the brush settings, the new brush I tweaked reverts back to its original name and  configurations, but again I still can use the edited brush if I dont click on it. When I click on that brush, it will revert back, and I cant access my edited brush anymore. I hope you can understand what im saying. I know its confusing.

3. I have been using the color palette so much that I just cant help but notice, the palette squares are too big. I hope you downsize them. And I hope you can implement floating windows.

4. This is coming from procreate, and a lot of my suggestions will be, but I love the color harmony thing on the color palette. That when I choose a color, I can select if I want split compl, or complementary colors to be available on the color wheel.

5. On the layers, I hope you can put a "clear layer" option. It makes erasing so easy. Coz I can put it on the quick menu.

6. I noticed some lag when clicking on brush settings, color palette, and things on the taskbar. I noticed the opened windows had this shadow beneath which was too big in my opinion. Whe I click on the canvas to close the windows, the shadows would disappear first before the windows. Like a 0.7 sec delay. Very noticeable. Hope you can optimise that.

7. Text on windows, settings, are just tooo big. I beleieve this was scaled for bigger screens, but please, scale them similar to the text size on the "preferences, file, edit, image." Those things on the file bar thing.

8. More default brushes please. In my opinon, there was no HB, 6b, or any charcoal pencil that was good enough. I love charcoal, graphite pencils with good tilt, where I can shade and do nice organic hatchings and Im sorry. But I really liked Krita, procreate, CPS, pencils. I hope you update the brushes and add a ton to it specially the pencil, and paint.

9. Please add more options to the texture. And add more texture..

10. I also noticed that the strokes I do are automatically streamlined, it straightens out. And there's no option to disable this. Sometimes I like the jitter or wobbly effect of lines because of the hand, but in this app, lines are auto straightened. Please put a switch to disable it.

I hope my suggestions make it to the next update!
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Re: Size of palette, brush saving etc.
Reply #1 on: May 26, 2020, 07:10:40 AM
1. We added many optimizations to Wet Painting in version 3.0. Besides we redesigned almost all brushes.

2. There will be a new brush editor in version 3.0, much more intuitive, with just Edit > Save workflow

3. Version 3.0 will bring floating windows for many popovers (Colors, Brushes, Layers, Tool Options etc)

4. Color Harmony - maybe in the future...

5. You can configure key shortcut or Quick Menu action for that

6. Floating Panels i ver 3.0 are much faster than system popovers

7. We are usingn default popover titles, panel will have title a bit smaller.

8. There will be many more brushes in ver 3.0, and they will be awesome ;)

9. You can import patterns in PAT format, you can find thousands of them in google.

10. Lines are not auto-straightned unless you set Smoothing > 0

ps. Check attached screenshot


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Re: Size of palette, brush saving etc.
Reply #2 on: May 27, 2020, 09:46:16 PM
Wow amazing! Thank you. I love your app. And your responsiveness makes it so easy to work on