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Brush Settings Help Please
on: August 15, 2019, 10:03:59 AM
iPad version 2.2.9

I can't find any help for Brush Settings. I am trying to like ArtStudio Pro but so many things to me are not natural. It is like we must always guess.
I would like to use the Ordinay paint brush and the wet paint brush. Can somebody please explain these settings for me?

I understand many but these I do not understand

Brushes Editor
   A) Colorise each stroke
   B) Blend Each Stamp

   A) Each stroke
   B) How can I insert new pattern or make my own?

   A) Size/Scatter Tilt Effect
   B) Tilt gradation
   C) Angle: Rotation
   D) Fade

   A) 1px Spacing Smudge
   B) Blur Radius
   C) Constant Paint
   D) Auto Clean
   E) Auto Load
   F) Load Amount
   G) Paint Duration

Thank you

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Re: Brush Settings Help Please
Reply #1 on: August 29, 2019, 08:47:51 AM
Lucky Clan, will you please reply and help me with this.
Because I can find no instructions anywhere.
The Get Started and FAQ says there is Brush Editor but does not say how to use it.

Lucky Clan

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Re: Brush Settings Help Please
Reply #2 on: September 10, 2019, 06:11:51 AM
Colorise each stroke - it used when you enable any Jitter color. If enabled each stamp will be randomized, otherwise random color is applied to the whole stroke

Blend Each Stamp - you will see the difference if you use tool blending mode other than 'Normal'. Check these brushes with Paint tool to see the effect:
Marker/Real Wet Marker
Assorted/Glowing Lines

Pattern - Each Stroke - if enabled pattern is applied each stamp, other wise it is applied to the whole stroke
To add new pattern load an image and tap File>Add Preset>Add Pattern. Or copy image to clipboard, open Pattern Editor, tap 'Action' icon and pick 'Paste Image From Clipboard'

Size/Scatter Tilt Effect - it is used after yous set 'Tilt & Pressure' mode for Stylus/Size andStylus/Scatter dynamics. Check the following brushes:
Sketching/Sharp Pencil (Tilt)
SketchingShading Pencil (Tilt)

Tilt Gradation - used when you enable 'Tilt & Pressure' for Size dynamics.  If enabled and pencil is tilted app will add a kind of gradient. Check Sketching/Stroke Pencil (Tilt) brush

Angle: Rotation - if enable stamp angle will set from Pencil angle. Check Markers/Real Marker brush

Fade: Stroke size/opacity/flow will be smoothly decreased. Check Assorted/Fire 1 brush.

1px Spacing Smudge - it is used by Smudge tool if Enabled Smudge tool will ignore 'Spacing' value and use 1px spacing.

Wetness brush parameters are used by 'Wet Paint' tool (ignored by Paint, Pencil and other tool)

Blur Radius - app will constantly blur brush wet content. Set it to max value to enagle very interesting 'Flat' mode. Too see the result activate Wet Paint tool and pick the following brush: Wet Painting / Juliano Oil Texture

Constant Paint - it is amount of Paint (Color) constantly added to stroke (in Wet Paint Tool)

Auto Clean - paint brush is cleaned after painting a stroke

Auto Load - paint is loaded to brush after painting a stroke

Load Amount - amount of paint loaded to paint brush (after each stroke if Auto Load is enabled, or manually after tapping 'Load Paint' button)

Paint Duration - brush is losing a paint when painting a long stroke. The higher value the longer stroke you can paint.


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Re: Brush Settings Help Please
Reply #3 on: September 11, 2019, 05:48:09 AM
Thank you very much for that. It really does help a lot.

But, no matter how I try, I cannot get the brush to remain a 'Dirty Brush'.

I have 2 areas side by side - one black one white.
Many settings allow me to mix these to grey.
I end the stroke when I have mixed to a grey.
But, how do I keep the brush 'Dirty' - loaded with that grey - so that my next stroke begins with that grey?.

It would seem to me that both 'Clean Brush' and 'Load Brush' unselected should achieve this? i.e. leave the brush colour unchanged at the end of the stroke?
But I can't find any combination to get this to happen.

What am I not understanding, please?

Tom Puce

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Re: Brush Settings Help Please
Reply #4 on: November 23, 2019, 12:23:19 PM
In "painting mode", I can't see an option to load the paint on the brush. Is there a way to do it ? (the only way I find is by switching to eraser. But it's not super convenient)
If not, you should add an icon like in the full interface.
Thank you