Author Topic: Brush engine and View>Mirror improvements.  (Read 626 times)

Pri Vacy

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Brush engine and View>Mirror improvements.
on: August 25, 2019, 07:43:56 PM
Here's a list of things that could make the brush engine almost perfect.

1) Flip X/Y, negative rotation angle and invert stamp in Aux Stamp.
2) Random Angle in brush dynamics.
3) Hue, Saturation and Lightness in brush dynamics, along with Aux Color.
4) A sort of "Flow Scale Factor" slider in general brush settings to counter the fact that if spacing is set to 1px there's pretty much no difference between 10-30% and 100% flow, depending on the brush. This slider could simply scale the Flow according to user's will so for example I could set the scale factor to 10 and make the slider's 100% become 10%.
5) The ability to input non-integer values in sliders. This is crucial for brush spacing as there can be a massive difference in looks and performance between 1 pixel and 1%.
6) A reworked dynamics settings page that lets the user choose two or more variables for a single parameter (Ex. Turn on both pressure and tilt for flow, each with its own curve).
7) An option for Apple Pencil's users to have a brush changing size/flow/opacity on start and end without applying pressure. This could be a mixture of Dynamics>Fade and Dynamics>Finger>Stroke Start/End.
8) I already posted about an improved View>Mirror. Is it doable?

Also wanted to say thank you to the developers for always listening to customer feedback, I really appreciate that.