Author Topic: Tow tools for Artstudio pro (iPad) makes app faster and helpful  (Read 1610 times)


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All the tools in procreate (sorry still I had trouble with upload photos)
1 .. drop colors directly from your   color review to any liner "must be closed shape"to made it fill’s the same "bucket fill" ...the difference it’s direct from color
2... the second is "alpha lock layer "{{the same in procreate app }}to focus to the shape you draw without any mistakes ...and any effect it will be into the shape

Lucky Clan

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We fixed problem with attachments in forum, it should work fine now.

1. Procreate does not have Bucket Fill tool, that's why they are using color drag to fill area. Artstudio Pro is different, currently we don't want to change that.
2. We have 'Lock Transparency' in Artstudio Pro: go to Layers popover, pick a layer, tap 'Gear' icon and tap 'Lock Transparency'.


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Thanks for replying...about the upload...yes it’s working fine now
1...I understand
2...I will check that

Jack Ofalltrades

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I support the request for a quick color fill by dragging it out from the color toolbar. The bucket tool is great to have and necessary, but the option to just quickly fill an area with color without having to change tools is very convenient.

 For example, I don’t use color filling often and therefore don’t keep the bucket tool in the toolbar, but I need to fill an area with color often enough that it becomes a bit annoying to open the additional tool panel, select the bucket, close the panel, fill the color, go back to the previous tool… those are too many steps when there could be a simple drag out of the color icon and done. So why not have both options?