Author Topic: UI and tools improvements + new perspective grid features and bug report  (Read 255 times)

Pri Vacy

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The current UI is great but I would like to share some tips (mainly for the ios version) that will make the UI a bit more tablet-friendly while maintaining a desktop-like interface. There is also a tip for a reworked perspective grid and a bug report.

Normal mode
- Selections: the select menu could be moved from the top bar to a popup menu in the select tool similar to the "More..." popup found in the paint tool.
-Transform: edit>transform could become a tool similar to the move one which does not hide the rest of the interface so that different layers could quickly be transformed
-Bucket fill: edit>color fill and edit>fill special could be added to the bucket fill tool as sample modes or to a newly created fill tool.
-Cut/Copy: Cut, copy, paste and so on could be added to the layers panel.
-Masks: as already suggested by other users masks should behave like in photoshop, procreate and affinity photo, where they can be "attached" to a layer.
-Perspective grid: BUG: as of app store version 2.2.1 the grid is bugged and displayed inside an invisible rectangle that scales/rotates with the canvas. FEATURES: 1) add horizontal and vertical lines that get closer as they move to the center but can be moved based on a field of view setting (hard to explain, similar to how the grid changes in a 3d modeling software when the FOV is reduced/increased). 2) Add a spherical perspective grid that mimics the distortion caused by wide-angle camera lens that can also be configured using focal length values. A reference for 1) and 2) could be infinite painter, that offers similar perspective tools (used the app on android long ago, not sure if it's still the same).
Filters: Filters could be added to the layers panel, useful for when (and if) smart filters will be added to Artstudio Pro.

Painting mode
-All of the above.
-All the tools added to the top bar for easier navigation.
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We will consider your UI remarks later.

Perspective Grid - please give us more details. I have just compared version 2.1 and 2.2.1 and i don't see any difference, everything just works fine.

Pri Vacy

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Thanks for considering the suggestions. The grid works fine now, I guess it was just acting weird in that specific situation (just after updating to 2.2.1 from the beta version), as I could not replicate the issue.