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Some requests and suggestions
on: May 20, 2019, 04:11:18 PM
Greetings to you wonderful people from Lucky Clan.

I've been using photoshop as my main drawing program for years now and using your app as an replacement of it on the ipad. I like how simple and easy to use it is and that its not a clusterfuck of things like affinity photo for example. Experince wise its almost like photoshop with just the right amount of tools and options. Well almost, here is what I'm kinda missing:     

- Masks that attach to a layer and dont become a separate layer ( someone else mentioned that I think). It just gets a little confusing when you add adjustment layers on top of that. It would be nice to have it just attaching to a layer (or a group), like in photoshop. And when you click on a mask the brush color should change to black/ white as thats the only colors used for masking. Right now it just stays as whatever random color is used at the moment.

It would also be nice if adjustment layers came with a mask pre attached to them (like in photoshop)

- When I export a psd file the adjustment layers are all gone in photoshop ( I think someone already mentioned that). It would be great if they dont disappear when converting files for photoshop.

- Eyepicker tool in the gradient editor. Sometimes I just want to pick a color from my own image when I make a gradient instead of just making my own color.

- Have the option to rotate a selected object without resizing it in the process. There are some buttons on the side to manually rotate but I'd like to just use my hand and rotate instead. And most of the time I'd like to only rotate without resizing. It would be nice to have a toggle on/ off button for that.

- Snap option in the View panel is always turned on, and whenever I turn it off, close the program and turn it on again , snap option is turned on again. I'd like to be able to permanently turn it off and have it stay that way when I close and open the program. Its just a bother to have to turn it off every time.

Also forgot to add:

- History brush tool. Basically its a brush but instead of painting with color it reverses whatever you *paint over* back to its original state when you first opened the document. Its really handy when you want to reverse back only a part of an image instead of undoing the whole image.

- Desaturate adjustment option. It would be nice to be able to remove all color from and image or layer, as in turn it black and white (like a black and white photo).

- Warp tool. I guess elastify is kinda close but not quite. 

Thats all I can think of for now. I still havent used absolutely everything your app has to offer so there might be more suggestions later.

Keep up the good work! Love your app!

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Re: Some requests and suggestions
Reply #1 on: May 21, 2019, 03:43:14 AM
Yes, I would like to second all these features and just add a picker tool in the colour wheel of all the layer FX and a Gradient Adjustment Layer.(which I have already requested)
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