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Masking and Clipping Mask
on: April 28, 2019, 06:37:48 PM
Dont know if anyone talked about this yet, but personally I feel like Masking and Clipping Mask is kinda inconvenience to use. Before any further opinions, I want to note that my experience is heavily based on using Photoshop on PC before choosing Artstudio pro as a alternative on Ipad (I know I shouldnt, those are two different apps, but for the sake of a best drawing app on Ipad in my opinion (LOL), I would like to share my ideal of how the app should be)

- Firstly, It takes a lot of steps to apply one. Also there are too much ways to do a single action and It put everywhere inside the Layers button so it was very confusing.

- Mask treated as a separated layer (which is different in PS, Mask is a part of the layer). When you have to work with lots of layers with a Mask attached on every single one (not to mention, lots of clipping layers and masked layers clipping on other layers), its extremely hard to organize since it multiply the number of layers you have.
- Adding new layer between layer(1) and layer(2) that clipping into (1) will make (2) clip into the new layer instead of (2) and the new layer both clipping to (1) (Took me few more steps every single time I want to add a new clipped layer on (1) and its frustrated)
  + Also, clipping "Layer with a Mask layer" on a Group, the Layer clipping the Group and the Mask layer will apply on both of them (which is not the result I wanted. Probably because it different with how the mask worked on Ps )

- When choose Mask layer, the color of the brush stay the same as normal layer (Not grayscale. Kinda inconvenience bc other color is useless in masking anyway, and now I have to take time adjust it)

*My thought: Masking and Clipping are very different actions that serve different purposes so they shouldnt be put together in a same label.

Guess that's all I have right now. Sorry If I made it hard to understand. I hope the dev team will take a look at it and making some changes in the future update!

Thanks for reading!