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Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Version 598 serious bug
on: February 07, 2021, 04:54:09 AM
Can confirm, after update to 598 putting more than one finger on the canvas (not the palm) sets flow to 0%. Disabling gestures and enabling pen only mode doesn’t do anything, so it may be unrelated.

Temporary Fix I found until it gets patched is going back to the documents view in the app, and closing it. Then the bug disappears until you restart the app.

Erase Locked transparency.

Hello LuckyClan team, liking the updates and fixes so far for ArtStudio!

 One thing that seems to be dated though, is preventing "Locked Transparency" to be erased. Instead eraser acts like a color brush in that instance.

I know Photoshop does this, but i think at this point for artists its redundant holdover from the past that doesn't make much sense ( why is eraser painting? ). Procreate got rid of this redundancy and eraser erases pixels despite Alpha lock being on. Clip Studio Paint lets you erase locked transparency as well. Krita  Infinite Painter lets you erase locked alpha too. It's a genuine quality of life improvement, it follows the expected logic and is a click time saver. I don't think we should follow photoshops example on this feature since its a photo manipulation tool first and for someone who has to use it at work for illustration, it's very apparent how dated and how unresponsive to introducing basic painting sensibilities it is.

In this old thread there's a mention that it's to prevent accidental erasing, but since then there has been added a separate feature specifically for that already "Lock Pixels", it makes keeping this functionality rather redundant.  The need to erase the layer that has transparency enabled is constant (refining edges etc).

If i may illustrate how cumbersome it feels to work like this: It takes one tap to undo an accidental erase, but it takes 6! taps to disable lock transparency and then 6 again back to enable it just for a slight tweak. Example: [open layers panel], [select layer], [tap layer again to open options], [tap lock transparency toggle], [tap out to close options], [tap out to close layers]. I think updating the logic of the feature would go a long way for the average user going into the future.

Thank you again for your hard work and hope you had a happy new year.

Maybe it will be better to just hide cursor for small brushes size?

An interesting idea, but probably wouldn’t have as much situational flexibility as just the current implementation, but just made per-brush individually. Unless your feature could be set for individual brushes as well. Otherwise I could see it bothering people who have a different idea which size constitutes as small, or need precision at a small scale as well, like pixel art perhaps. Maybe I’m not seeing all the angles, so feel free to elaborate on it.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: BUG: Saving edited Brushes
on: October 11, 2020, 05:49:02 AM
Thank you, that’s a good workaround. Probably would be good to have the ‘save’ button for favourite brush editing that does the same thing, just automates this same process, but keeps the brush order intact in the favourites panel.

Suggestion to move or add a “show brush cursor” in the brush editor ‘general’ panel for individual brushes, instead of a global toggle in the preferences.

The benefits would be a more streamlined workflow for every individual. For instance (subjective for everyone of course) line-art/sketching doesn’t really benefit much from a visual cursor but in fact may get in the way of drawing clarity, on the other hand the painting process, or erasing benefits greatly from having a visible cursor (painting within the lines, precise erasing).

Functionality: To avoid discomfort for present users from removing a global toggle, the global toggle can remain. If it is enabled, then by default it’s enabled in the brush editor panel for all brushes. If it is disabled, then users could toggle them on for individual brushes in the editor panel instead. Would be good as well if the editor brush cursor toggle state remains in memory, so that an accidental global toggle doesn’t wipe individual brush cursor visibility state.

It’s a feature that is also missed on desktop apps like photoshop. I think clip studio has something similar, but just to change the visuals of cursor icon, instead of on/off. Procreate doesn’t have this feature, nor infinite paint. I think it would be a fantastic addition to the power of Artstudio.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Saving edited Brushes
on: October 10, 2020, 11:12:59 AM
Thank you for the answer. I see what happened then. It seems to be a bug.

I select a brush from the brush ‘favourites’ panel. Then i press on the brush tip icon to open the brush editor, but since the editor doesn’t automatically switch to the brush/group of the favourited brush, but stays on the last ‘directly’ selected brush, I can only edit it by pressing ‘edit current brush’ to edit it, or go on a hunt through groups to find the same exact brush. If I press ‘edit brush’ then the ‘save’ option is not present, just ‘close’. If I find it through groups, it has that option.

Edit: added a screenshot

Edit2: seems like going through favourites isn’t at fault, it’s just the drop down ‘edit current brush’ instead of clicking on the brush picture doesn’t give the option to save. I think going through ‘edit current brush’ should give that option as well, otherwise selecting favourite brushes would need to open favourited brushes group and the brush be selected for quick visual clarity. I think the 1st option would be better for enhanced brush multitasking opportunities. But 2nd option may be more in line with expected logic.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / BUG: Saving edited Brushes
on: October 10, 2020, 09:34:07 AM
Edit:Bug description on my second post.

Hello. First off, great update.

Saving edited brushes is a bit convoluted and adds brush waste, since there’s no option to overwrite an edited brush, just ‘add current’ is an option. Making small changes becomes a bit of a hassle. I searched the issue and found a dev promise of introducing a “ Edit > Save workflow” option in 3.0, but it’s not present so far. I think just having an option “overwrite/save brush changes”  in the brush editor drop down where all the other brush/import related options are would suffice.

Best wishes.

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