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Can confirm that 3.2.8 update fixed the issue. Thank you!

Congradulations! I hope it works!

Ive tried 2 ways:

1. Creating an ipad backup with iTunes on my windows machine, then restoring from backup. This restored the Artstudio documents too. That way the space used by the bug was erased, but the same process of opening and saving still created the same bug again.

2. On iTunes saving .artstudio files via  "file sharing" > "Artstudio" > Selecting Artstudio documents and saving them on my pc. Then unninstalling Artstudio app from the iPad (which erases all the documents and the bugged space). Then i reinstalled Artstudio app, connected to iTunes, and added the saved Artstudio files back via "file sharing" > "Artstudio">  add. (for some reason not all of .artstudio documents were present in the file sharing menu on iTunes, but i didn't have time to investigate further). But the bug still happened this way too.

Just in case there was a misunderstanding previously by 'save' that creates a bug i mean opening artstudio document in Artstudio app and pressing file>save, or file>close (after perfoming an action, like toggling a layer visability which prompts an autosave upon closing). Ways of backing up my .artstudio documents i listed here have nothing to do with the storage bug, its just the way to get my files back onto the iPad. I hope it makes sense.

Sorry for causing a misunderstanding, in (1) I meant- 'each (different document) save is taking some extra space'. So the same document saved again after the first time doesn't increase the space used. The documents are all created in artstudio.

Ive recorded the video, i'll just have to edit out private information later today after work.

To the previous post:
1. Each save is taking up some extra space. First the save data is in the "other" section of the storage , but then it gets relocated as "apps" space, the "other" section gets cleared, but the overall space used remains unchanged.   (will be shown in the video)
2. The same document opened and saved again doesn't seem to increase space used, its like it uses the file which was created on the first time opened/saved and uses or overwrites that one whenever i open and save that same document again.
3. Almost all of the .artstudio documents out of around 50 of them have canvas recording disabled. Maybe 1 or two have it on.

I'll try the other apps you mentioned if they show the same behaviour and report later, perhaps it could be an issue with the last iPadOS update?

Hey, thanks for the response and checking the issue out.

1. The documents are stored on the device, the iCloud/iCloud backup is disabled.
2. Yes to reproduce i just open the document, either press save or turn on and off a layer just so the document registers that the file has been modified and just close it and it autosaves it.
3. Offloading the App doesnt work either. The space still stays occupied. Rebooting the ipad doesn't work either, whether the app is offloaded or not. Only deleting the App frees up that space.
4. "Recently deleted" folder is empty when the space fills up.
5.  When i was resaving the documents i closed them after, then opened another one. etc. They are .artstudio files.

I'll try to make a video, but it may take a day or two due to work. Thank you for looking into it.

I opened and saved Artstudio files again and recorded a video of the issue (turn on 1080p for clarity).

Ipad 12.9 (3rd gen) v.14.7.1(18G82)
Artstudio Pro v. 3.2.7(691)

In Short: After opening and saving/closing artstudio files, the Ipad storage keeps increasing. Doesnt matter whether the app is closed, or the ipad rebooted, the storage isn't being freed up. Probably the app doesnt purge the "temporary save" files mentioned in this thread by LuckyClan

"Save is implemented in Artstudio in a "safe" way - it first saves everything in a temp package, then move the whole packed to destination."

I managed to reproduce the same behaviour after resetting the ipad and resaving art studio files until the storage filled up and the app had to be deleted/ipad reseted/restored again.

In Detail: One day i got a warning that my 64 gb ipad was running out of storage, rebooting ~15 times and offloading all apps didnt work to free up that space (the moment other apps were offloaded or deleted, the freed up space would be filled up mysteriously again (because i had artstudio opened as i was backing up my files just in case), this prevented the ipad from allowing to delete individual files as it needed storage to do that, or to even backup the ipad on itunes since the ipad needs storage for that too). I deleted apps one by one until deleting Artstudio (NOT OFFLOADIND) with all its art files, or erasing all data with Ipad reset did the trick. Ive succesffully managed to backup and restore all my files since then and managed to replicate the same behaviour again by opening, modifying and closing/saving artstudio files again until the storage filled up and nothing but deleting art studio or reseting the ipad to factory settings worked.

Very annoying! I’m using an iPad Pro 10.5 (2017) most recent iOS 14
Happens after 15 minutes of drawing. 7000x5000 pixels. One layer. 200mb file

With such a large canvas you're probably running out of RAM, so its more likely a hardware limitation, but its not up to me to decide. If thats the case, save often manually or lower the resolution. Im just glad ArtStudio doesnt impose limitations like other ios apps, otherwise i couldn't do work at all. Please never change that LuckyClan.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: New empty layer is dark
on: April 13, 2021, 07:15:47 AM
It is just a thumbnail. Checker background says the area is transparent.
If you like light checkers you can switch to light UI in Preferences > Interface

In new minor update we will add option to use light checkers also in dark (default) mode.

That’s good to hear, was about to make the same issue post. Having multiple line art or sketch layers become indistinguishable from each other on dark theme thumbnails.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Version 598 serious bug
on: February 09, 2021, 01:31:22 AM
Version 3.0.17 containing the fix, is available on the App Store!

Bug is fixed! Thank you for a quick response, even on a weekday.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: "Lasso Fill" tool
on: February 08, 2021, 01:48:41 PM
I was eventually gonna make this suggestion. Infinite Painter has this as a “brush”, works exactly the same and JAMA made a series of examples how powerful a lasso fill tool is for concepting in IP. I would love to see this make into Artstudio in some form. +1

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Version 598 serious bug
on: February 07, 2021, 06:09:18 AM
Ok found the fastest, easiest and 100% so far working way to get it to set to 100% instead of 0%. At least on my device(iPad Pro 12inch 2018)

Open art studio pro and a document, if you haven’t it set already, set 1 finger function in gestures to “adjust brush size/opacity”, go back to the document, drag your finger all the way UP (adjust brush size), and that’s it, the bug switches from 0% to 100%. If you open a new document, you have to do that again.  Hope it helps until it’s fixed.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Version 598 serious bug
on: February 07, 2021, 05:24:29 AM
Confirm the bug.
Unfortunately can't confirm the workaround.

Odd, I can’t reproduce the workaround anymore as well but managed to reproduce it 2 times before in that manner.

Edit 2: actually managed to temporary fix the issue again 6+ more times, but seems inconsistent what gets rid of it, at one point going back from one app back to art studio fixed it, on another 2 occasions opening the preferences menu and closing it fixed it. On another few occasions opening a bunch of apps and going back to AsP fixed it, if not open a bunch of more apps and go back. On another opening apps and using my 1 finger gestures to adjust brush size/flow fixed it. Seemingly clicking around and random events can get rid of it, once it’s gone it’s gone until you open a new document.

Edit3: ..and apparently it’s not a fix, instead of the bug auto setting it to 0% it auto sets now to 100% flow instead, I guess that’s better than nothing.

I personally currently like the direction it’s going, Procreate has been letting me down with lacking updates despite some of the superior ui navigation features (like swiping rich user experience for adjustments and layers to get a couple of quick different options), and once you start power using it the severe lack of basic features like clipping layers to groups and inferior brush pressure becomes exhausting. I cycle using 3 different drawing apps to keep up with their features and use them to their strengths and so far found Art studio being both comparatively frequently updated with very common sense features (I was planing to make a post about not being able to choose a color when a non-brush tool is selected eventually, but it has been fixed in newest release) and richer in features by comparison. Also no ram-limitation let’s me work at my own discretion despite less smooth performance and crash risk. Now I hope my transparency alpha + eraser post gets noticed and UI click amount gets reduced eventually, maybe with swipe actions and such.

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