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Happy new year to whole Team, cannot wait for the next update! Another suggestion guys! <3

When using lasso tool, modes: add, subtract, intersect could be controlled with keyboard keys similarly to PS. Or added an option to gain control over them through custom hotkeys.

That’s it! :)

Because i think it's really a great idea, i've created a new topic that explains and focuses more on its use.

The idea is to be able for the user to turn on/off a custom layer or layers. Additionally, this custom layer can be assigned and triggered with custom hotkeys.

Example 1: I have layer 1 (line work) with line work for the illustration and while rendering, i may need to hide the line work to see the pure shapes and forms with no outline or any lines that guides me to render these.

Example 2: I may have different blending mode i want to use as comparison, like the color mode to check values of my colors.

Example 3: I merged my layers into single layer, that i try with new changes for non destructive approach and comparing it with art before the changes, so back and forth, back and forth.

It's really overpowered to be able to just toggle custom layers on/off with shortcut, if there is a purpose in them that can vary because of the layer power itself..

Tested both and compared, the adjustment layer technique makes my red more darker value vs the color blending mode technique with black filled layer xD, both work great tho. I wish there was a shortcut to toggle these layers on/off :) toggle on/off assigned to custom keys would be a godsend xD.

Thanks, will give a try! :) Lately i've figured a way with using additional layer above all layers with black fill and setting it to "Color" in blending option, but, i'm not sure if the values are accurate with this method.

I use this all the time in photoshop to check my values if working with colors. Was looking in ASP but couldnt find it, was wondering if this could be in the future as a shortcut option or different ui element with option to be assign to keyboard shortcut.

Additional way how this could work with current systems is:

Atm, i use S and D keys to increase or decrease for the brush size. If my current brush size is set to 3px and i want to go from 3px to 50px i have to either push the D keys x times until i hit 50px or, i can hold D and with slight delay it starts to increase auto smoothly and hit 50px. When Painting, im using Painting Mode with the color, saturation, value sliders, and the only way of changing brush size comes from these keys, S & D.

The Additional Way: While holding the S or D, additional 3rd function event could trigger if pen input along brush size key input, that would allow to change the brush size the way its shown above in the first post. While holding S or D and sliding the Pen on screen, you could adjust smoothly the size at the hit point location of the pen and screen, adjust size and release S or D and paint with adjusted size.

This additional size adjusting would help with custom preset experience listed below:

I also use 5 custom presets of different Brush Types assigned to key shortcuts constantly. These have their own brush sizes, when switching from one preset to the other, the value will change to the root value of the preset it was created with. Switching back and forth between two or more custom presets, i find myself having alot to adjust the brush size of one or the other back to the size value i was painting with before a switch. If for example i painted with preset1, that is hard round brush with root size 10px and i increase it with D-key to 15px and hit shortcut shift+D that is assigned to preset1 i am painting with, the size of my brush resets back to 10px, that is the root size of the custom preset1. If i use preset preset1 and increase the brush size with D-key to 15px and switch to different preset2, the size value will change to the root size of the preset2. The more of custom brush presets i use, the more i find myself to adjust the size value after preset switch. The more excess moves i have, to adjust the brush size, the more time, energy and pleasure of user experience is consumed for the sake of high effective focused painting mode.

Solution: Add enabling option that allows to transfer current brush size value between different brush presets. If my current size is 3px, switching between different presents wont change the 3px.

Happy holidays guys, your app is godsend! Lately after long usage while rendering and changing alot the brush size using keyboard as companion with shortcuts i find it really time consuming, energy wasting and less effective in general current function. I was thinking about better solution that could work that emerged from the current experience. Its similar to using pen and brush slider thats already in, but still, this too requires to focus out on it and slide with pen, while additional refocusing on the size output window to see the size of brush while not being sure if it really is the size compared to the spot i want to use it. My idea is to have best of both, using keyboard shortcut with combination with the pen at the place of to the comparison. Behind comparison are two ideas, one is to increase brush size effectively the second, while being able to see and compare the new brush size value for and at the place to be used for. I did also some additional stuff for you get better idea what i mean xD see below.

I keep coming back often in trust, that maybe i will see more people wishing for this. Thanks to you guys, luckyteam will make it happen!! Omg, yours confirmation made me so happy and i cannot wait for it, epic!! :) Thank you.

Hey folks, i tried many art apps and none allows this.. At work i use lazy nezumi with lasso tool 90% of the time as it allows for fast clean shape creation in general. Simple idea, but vey powerful, would be epic if this could be possible for you guys to implement, allowing user to turn on smoothing for lasso.

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