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Thanks for the quick reply.
Great to hear that some of these are already in the works!

Global brush - couldn't it still be a global option that's turned off by default? Surely I'm not the only user who would prefer to use a single brush?

Brush Preview - I mean the little transparent cursor thingy that appears underneath the pen tip (if you have this option enabled). For example, it will sometimes have the shape of an oval even though the brush stamp is a rectangle.

Layer Mask - - this setup from Photoshop

Color Bar - Both of your suggestions need additional clicks away from the screen, either to hide the UI or to unhide the colors when you want to change color. Wouldn't it make a lot of sense to add the option: "Allow Finger Color Selection in Stylus Only Mode" to the Apple Pencil options? It's consistent with the other available options in there.

Quick color picking - What is this option key you mentioned? It sounds like that could be exactly what I was suggesting, how do you use/enable it?

App closing - I understand you can't prevent it from closing, however, can it not make an autosave when minimizing, just as it does now when you go back into the document selection screen?

Hi there,

I have been using ASP every day for the last 6 months. Overall I'm very happy with its options and performance. However, I would like to suggest a couple of improvements:

* I would like to be able to save my selected brush when switching between eraser, smudge, dodge and painting. I do not like that each tool has their own associated brush. I can imagine I would want this in some cases, but most of the time I want to just keep using the same brush when I switch between tools. This could be implemented as a toggle on the tool select. Maybe double tapping a tool could allow me to toggle between a "global brush" and a "tool specific brush". Alternatively this could be a global toggle in the preferences menu: use global brush.

*The brush preview does not always correctly represent the size and shape of the brush selected. It also does not change depending on pen pressure. Any chance you can make some improvements to this?

*It would be great if you can implement the use of layer masks. You can currently get the same result by duplicating a layer and then add a layer mask and clipping mask but it's kind of annoying to deal with and layer masks are just such an amazing tool.

* I would like to be able to move the color bar to a different area of the screen and keep the right side clear. It's currently a little too easy to accidentally change your selected color with your palm. Alternatively, in pencil mode, the color bar could/should be completely insensitive to hand input.

*I would love to have the option to display my colors as a color wheel in addition to the available options. I wouldn't mind sacrificing some screen space for this.

* It would be great to have the option to add some smoothing on the lasso tool (motion smoothing) as its currently quite hard to make clean selections on the slippery ipad screen with no stabilization.

* After importing new brushes, their stamps don't show up in the list of available stamps when creating a new brush from scratch.

* Color picking with the finger took some getting used to but it works ok. However I feel like when I'm working on the Ipad, this action can still be quite flow breaking. Have you considered an optional single button overlay or maybe an area on the side of the screen that you can press and hold to toggle to the color picker?

* When adding a new adjustment layer, the fact that it opens up immediately instead of only adding it, means that if you want to use the adjustment layer as a clipping mask, you first have to cancel out of it, turn it into a clipping mask, and then open it up again. I would prefer it if it didn't open up automatically OR gave me an option in the thing itself to use it as a clipping mask.

* This could just be me, but when i merge a layer down into a layer that has a layer effect enabled, I don't expect to end up with a layer with the effect disabled and where the effect has been "baked" in. On the other hand if the layer I'm merging DOWN has an effect enabled (and the one below doesn't), I do expect this to happen.

*Finally, I have more than once lost some work because of the program closing itself when minimized while searching for references. I think this is related to the number of documents you have open. Maybe an auto save can be done whenever the program gets minimized or closed.

Thanks for reading and keep up the great work,


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