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Hi again,

I just got the 2.2 build. Congratz on getting it out :)

Most of the above issues are now fixed but:
- the Stamp (cursor) preview is still rotating incorrectly when you mirror the canvas (using tilt for rotation)
- Brushes set to stroke direction dont rotate correctly on a mirrored canvas

Now on the latest beta 2.2 (353)

All these issues are still present:

- On mirrored canvas, there is an initial snap of the brush preview rotation
- On mirrored canvas, if you use pen tilt to control brush size, titling the pencil causes the stamp to offset from the tip. The further you tilt the pencil, the greater the offset.
- On mirrored canvas, brushes which use stroke direction for the stamp rotation are now rotating incorrectly.

I just did some further testing and it seems that brushes which use stroke direction for the stamp rotation are now rotating incorrectly (on a mirrored canvas).

Hey guys, I just got the latest beta on Testflight.

This is now somewhat working but there are still some minor issues:

- On mirrored canvas there is an initial snap of the brush preview rotation
- On mirrored canvas, if you use pen tilt to control brush size, titling the pencil causes the stamp to offset from the tip. The further you tilt the pencil, the greater the offset.

(these issues could be related -> the brush I am trying to use has rotation to control the angle and tilt to control the size)

Edit: Thanks for adding the sample all layers option for wet painting and smudge btw, this is really neat to have!

Nice one, thanks a lot :)


I hope this image explains the issue. The brush stamp I used has a pointy side that should always be facing towards the pen direction. As you can see in the picture, it works for normal painting, but when you mirror the canvas, only 2 of the angles are correct.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Elastify tool bug
on: June 19, 2019, 02:36:40 PM
I think this has to do with accidently touching the screen with your hand/finger at the wrong time. I often end up seemingly unable to elastify further. But then when you press a combination of undo,redo and the little preview button, it usually goes back to normal.

Hey guys just a little update on this issue.

Since the new version 2.2 (345) that came out today on Testflight, I can now see the brush tip angle update correctly on a mirrored canvas (using cursor shape: outline). However, the stamps are still being placed incorrectly.


Hey guys,

I've set up a few of my brushes to use the pen rotation for the Stamp Angle, this works beautifully and gives me a lot of additional control over the brush. However, it seems that when I mirror my canvas, the rotation values from the pen are also being mirrored, causing the stamp angle to update incorrectly when I rotate the pen.
Basically, using pen rotation to control the angle only works correctly if you don't mirror the canvas (something I do a lot).
It would be great if you could look into this bug and hopefully fix it.


Edit: I'm on version 2.2(319) through TestFlight

Thanks, I have sent a PM

Hello again,

I'm still struggling with the clipping/layer mask functionality. I have been using the method you showed (using groups) a lot when dealing with adjustment layers. However, i still haven't figured out how to achieve the same thing but with a clipping mask.

What I'm trying to do is:
- I have a layer A with an image
- I add a clipping mask layer B and fill it with red
- Now I want to add a mask layer C that will allow me to paint (using greyscale ) where on layer A I want the red from Layer B to appear

Is there a way to do this in ASP?


OK so when you group an adjustment layer with a normal layer and set the "group blend mode" to normal, the adjustment layer acts as a clipping mask. I did not know this and this will be very useful. Thanks a lot for showing me.
Everything I tried always involved using an adjustment layer set to clipping mask.

I think the way PS handles it is probably a bit more intuitive: there when i add an adjustment layer it just comes with a mask which you don't necessary need to use. Perhaps this is something you could consider adding as an option when adding an adjustment layer (you already mentioned you were going to add the option to set adjustment layers as clipping mask when adding them).

Anyway, thanks for your time and patience and best of luck with the future developments of this great App. :)


I have sent you a file in PM

Global Brush - My apologies, you are right, this does not exist in Photoshop either. For some reason I thought it did. I'd still like to have this option but I can do without..

Mask + Clipping Mask - Nice to hear that this will be added in the future.  As for your alternative solution: "put Layer and Adjustment Layer with Mask in a separate group, and choose group blending from Passthrough to Normal", I can't get it to work unless i also duplicate/merge the underlying layer(s), am I doing something wrong? Any chance you can show a screenshot or give a clearer description of the setup?

Option key - Ah yeah, I should have realized, unfortunately I'm on the Ipad so I dont have the options key. I'd like to have a touchscreen version of this button somewhere on the screen though, if that would allow me to color pick while holding it...

Color Bar - Ok in that case, if I could just move it to another area of my screen that would already help a lot. Having to constantly switch back and forth between painting and/or full screen sounds even more annoying than accidentally changing colors :)

Once again, thanks a lot for your replies I very much appreciate them. I hope you can give me a bit better explanation for the layer mask + clipping mask, after that I'll leave you alone :)

Global brush - I don't think that's a particularly elegant solution to be honest. It still requires additional clicks and opening and closing a menu. Photoshop does give us the option to switch between a global brush or tool specific ones, Pro create does not. It might be a nice opportunity to get ahead of your competition on this.

Brush preview - that's great news

Layer Mask - I thought my picture would be enough to explain but what I mean is basically the ability to add a "layer mask" to a "clipping mask". This way you can for example have an adjustment layer set as a clipping mask, but then you mask off part of it using the layer mask, so the effect only appears in the white areas of your mask. This is a very common technique in Photoshop and would be a great addition to Art Studio.

Eyedropper - I know you can use your finger to do it, it's what I've been using so far. In your previous reply you mention the "hold Option key" method for eye dropping. What exactly did you mean by that? What's the "option key"?

Color Bar - The option you describe is not what i was talking about. I was requesting to add "Allow Finger Color Selection in Stylus Only Mode" to the Apple Pencil options (so i can disable it). So this has nothing to do with eye dropper. It will stop me from accidentally changing color with my palm.

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