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Show your work / Fantasy and Vision project
on: Today at 05:30:56 AM
Made with ASP iPad and MacOs versions.

I start a new project and choose grey 50% as background layer1 color. Then when I close the project and want to create a new one I see that the background color is grey 50%. Thinking that ASP has remembered my last choice of color I create the project but end up with a white background. I'm using the latest MacOs version, the iPad/IOS version works as expected.

Btw, do you any plans to put some love into the Mac version in the near future?

Show your work / Re: Cat Friendship ..
on: September 11, 2022, 10:48:38 AM
The images don't fully match and the differences are clearly what you will find in a carefully painted copy.
Something that I never will understand is why artists copies photos? Working from a photo to a painted copy with the loss of quality from the original photo, Why? It's a waste of talent. Do something interesting with the painting instead of trying to be a copy machine.

Show your work / Re: Brother will kill brother
on: August 30, 2022, 05:39:56 AM
Sorry for the late reply.
Thanks! :)

The GUI never gets upgraded to a more optimized,slick and dynamic interface. They have put all their effort into the iPad version and I understand that. Not many developers in the clan.
But it has so much potential with the engine from the iPad version.

Show your work / Re: Wendy of Red Velvet
on: August 29, 2022, 10:43:53 AM
Well, I must say that I'm glad that I stopped posting my doodles in this section. You rock!!!

Show your work / Re: Cat Friendship ..
on: August 29, 2022, 10:41:27 AM
Damn!!! I have 15 years left to retirement and you just shot a hole in my head.  ;)
Awesome and great work! I guess you spent some time on the painting.

It Works!
You are awesome!

I tried the latest release and still the same problem. I'm starting to suspect Apple's ios/ipados framework in MacOs. A subwindow/menu not showing must have something to do with the framework translation in MacOs. Some kind of limitation? Running Monterey btw.
I'm not dead in the water as I can use the Mac version or the iPad for smaller work. I'm currently working on a big 10mx2m wall project with ASP. ASP workflow is excellent, Photoshop and Affinity Photo can't compete at all. Trust me I have tried. :)

You're the best, it's me that should say thank you. :)

Made a video of my problems.

I can't test because I can't install the beta on my Mac Mini M1.

Yes. :)
I'll test it when I come home from work.

I had no time to make the recording.

I will do that.  :)

Picking colors for the different lines in the perspective grid settings doesn't work. Nothing happens when trying to click the color square. It's the same problem with other settings when I try to choose colors. The main color wheel is working though. The perspective grid don't show except for the horizon. Maybe a flaw in Apple's translation layer of the IOS/iPadOs API?

Awesome! :)
iPad M1 16GB here I go.  ;)

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