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That would definitely do the trick!

If the option to toggle it on/off is kept somewhat easily accessible even from the full screen mode, (maybe within the brush editor?) it would be a sweet solution.

Hey congrats on the latest update! Lots of improvements! Thanks for the left handed option! I can finally enjoy full screen mode. :)

One thing I find myself missing a lot (while painting specifically), is the ability to quickly select the same brush I’m using at any given moment as an eraser or smudge tool in order to keep things visually consistent and natural looking.

I know it can already be done, but if you have lots of brushes, going back and forth through brush lists can bring your workflow to a halt.

Procreate has a quick solution to this by tapping and holding the eraser or smudge tool to load up the same brush you currently paint with. It could be something else altogether as long as it can get this job done quicker. It would be greatly appreciated!

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Greatest update ever!
on: April 10, 2018, 05:49:21 AM
It looks like a great update especially the full screen mode indeed. The only thing is that it’s missing a left handed mode. Which is basically the option of moving the size and opacity sliders to the right. Unless it’s already possible and I didn’t find it somehow.

Cool! :)

Keyboard support is a great addition. A thing I’m missing a lot is the ability to hide all guides and selection borders at once, like in photoshop (cmd+H) You have the options already there in the drop down menus, I assume switching them on/off via a shortcut won’t be much trouble code wise.

Actually it would be really great to have a faster way to do that even when you’re working without a keyboard.

I’m sending you one shortly.

Maybe a less distracting cursor that indicates just the maximum brush size at the beginning of every stroke and nothing else instead of constantly giving real-time visual feedback on size or direction as you move the pencil, would be much less distracting and actually useful. Procreate’s cursor works with this real-time feedback and it can be very distracting at times. Alternatively, both could exist as different cursor mode options under prefs.

Oh, and I think I found another little bug.

When you merge down an empty clipping mask with a layer that’s not empty they result in an empty layer instead of leaving the content of the underlying layer unaffected.

It’s really my pleasure. Your app is great and I’m glad you’re paying that much attention to your user feedback. It’s a win-win for all of us. :)

Keep up the great work.

Local storage.

 I’m sending a file right now.

I think it’s safe to assume it’s not due to disk space. I still have 480gb available.

Btw I have quite a lot of brushes installed. They might be over 1gb. Could that be a factor?

D) Please send me artstudio docuemnt that has problems with PSD export, i will try to reproduce it. Tell me also which iPad model and iOS version are you using.

I’m afraid the files are work related and I can’t share them but here is the thing. It turns out the problem is probably not file related. I tried to export another file as a psd right now and it didn’t work. In fact, I’m unable to export any file as psd right now. It gets stuck in calculating after choosing “psd”. It doesn’t crash though. You can still hit cancel and choose another format. It just won’t export psd specifically. Let me know if you’re still interested in taking a look at a file that couldn’t export, I can send you one.

My setup is an iPad Pro 12.9” (2017) 512gb on  iOS 11.2.2 (15C202)

E) When exactly does it crash? Could you send me file named "Tools" with all favorite presets (go to Files app->On My iPad->Artstudio Pro->User Resoources->Presets->Favourites->Tools

If I remember correctly it was either when adding a new one (add current) or when I was in edit mode in the favorites panel trying to rearrange the tools. Another weird thing is that when I was rearranging a brush on edit mode dragging it up or down in the list, if I had to drag it enough to make the list scroll up or down it ended up moving a different brush than the one I was dragging. If the dragging didn’t involved scrolling the rearrangement worked fine.

I found the tools file but it’s over 180mb. Should I upload it and send you a wetransfer link?

Here’s a list of suggestions and a couple of problems I runned into after using the app (iPad version) extensively all week for actual illustration work.

1. Two/three finger tap undo/redo gesture that keeps undoing or redoing when you tap and hold.

2. The lock icon on the upper part of the layer panel could work with a single tap as alpha lock and have all the others options on a tap and hold menu. Alternatively a gesture for alpha lock could do the trick.

3. A brush cursor

4. Needing an extra tap to focus back in the workspace when a panel is open could be optional under preferences.

5.Faster/simpler multiple layer selection would be really nice. Procreate’s right swipe for adding layers to your selection is a very elegant and efficient solution.

6. Masking modes (add,subtract,intersect) could be individually visible on the bottom tool bar for immediate access as icons so the won’t take too much space. That way they could also work with tap and hold as well, so you can change modes rapidly for brief masking corrections and return to default mode (new) upon release.

7. Another suggestion for masking is that the freehand lasso could stay editable without closing the mask when you pick up the stylus from the screen. That way you’re able to continue masking free hand or by anchor points until you close the mask. I always thought it made more sense for the lasso tool to work that way and to my surprise Procreate is the only app so far that adopted this approach.

8. Tap and hold one finger on screen to lock polygonal lasso to 45 degrees increments. That feature could also be useful elsewhere in the app like the rotation in transform mode for example.

9. More accessible drawing modes. I think the most commonly used mode other than freehand is straight lines. A shortcut for that one would also be nice. The straight line feature in procreate for example, the one that your brushstroke turns into a straight line if you hold down the pen after a stroke is really helpful.

10. More accessible color editor. Maybe double tap on any of the color swatches on the side bar or moving the button for the color editor on the top of that side bar.

11. This one is a luxury and definitely not a necessity but I would love the option of gamut masking on a color wheel as a different color editing mode.

12. The Move tool should be able to deletes guides by dragging them outside of both edges of the workspace. Not just the one they were dragged in from.

And here’s some problems.

A) Sometimes my hand is making marks with the brush even though I have “pencil only” mode enabled. I need to press the upper right button (pen/touch toggle) a couple of times to get it back on track.

B) The lasso tool sometimes does not register the mask. Especially when adding or subtracting. It makes the first anchor point but then it cancels the mask after a couple of clicks. Some times it doesn’t even registering at all.

C) The masking tools are registering input from hand even when the “pencil only” mode is on.

D) Exporting to psd sometimes doesn’t work immediately. After choosing psd it starts to calculate but never stops. I had to try a dozen times more before it made the export. These were just 3Mb- 4Mb files with 5 layers maximum and all other export formats were working just fine.

E) The app kept crushing when organizing the favorite tools list. I currently have 46 items. Mostly brushes and couple of erasers.

Ok, you’re suggesting something completely new here. I respect that. I’ll wait to see it in practice when you have implemented all the features you have in mind. Maybe it would be much better that way. I’d surely be the first to admit it. :)

I see how this could solve this problem. Still though it really doesn’t sound optimal in terms of speed of workflow. A layer mask button at the bottom of the layers panel where you can tap and immediately start working on your mask sounds far more streamlined.

If the only reason you went that way was because you wanted to have layer masks work with vector shapes and type layers I strongly suggest that you should consider having a special kind of mask option for those layers under the layer menus (since they’re going to be used far less frequently) and keep layer and clipping masks for the default bitmap layers as fast and accessible as possible.

I’ve been using this app non stop all weekend and the biggest most noticeable bottleneck in speed of workflow I experienced so far was when I got into layer and clipping masks.

Thank you for giving that much attention to your user feedback. I really appreciate it.

of course!

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