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No, any file used to do that. Now its mostly gone in 3.0.6, so its fine

Also i meant 10.5 inch ipad pro, the 2017 one!

Edit: i forgot to say, thanks for pointing out the send feedback button. I didnt notice it was there so that will be useful to have 👀

Switched apps, came back and came to the app using a default brush instead, the entire group the brush i was using belongs to, gone

Anybody has had this happen recently?

Edit: the program would soft reboot like it has ran out of memory, with the logo looking like the app was in split window mode, even though it wasn’t

Im using a 10inch ipad pro, with ios up to date. Everything works pretty good, but when i apply changes to a layer (such as clearing the layer or changing layer modes) the step takes a long time or even several tries to take effect.
Everything else works fine so its pretty weird

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Bug: Layers wiped/replaced
on: August 31, 2020, 12:14:39 PM
I have been seeing lots of reports of data being lost and other buggy stuff on the latest ios update so that may be it, orz

Something small but you may want to note is importing big abr files (such as kyle’s megapack) crashes the app, while in regular artstudio 2.3 that doesn’t happen

Also TPL file import seems to give you an empty brush group. 😅

Edit: apparently it only happens with certain tpl files, but im not sure whats the factor, false alarm on that one? But the first thing with big abr files consistently happens

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