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It Works!
You are awesome!

I tried the latest release and still the same problem. I'm starting to suspect Apple's ios/ipados framework in MacOs. A subwindow/menu not showing must have something to do with the framework translation in MacOs. Some kind of limitation? Running Monterey btw.
I'm not dead in the water as I can use the Mac version or the iPad for smaller work. I'm currently working on a big 10mx2m wall project with ASP. ASP workflow is excellent, Photoshop and Affinity Photo can't compete at all. Trust me I have tried. :)

You're the best, it's me that should say thank you. :)

Made a video of my problems.

I can't test because I can't install the beta on my Mac Mini M1.

Yes. :)
I'll test it when I come home from work.

I had no time to make the recording.

I will do that.  :)

Picking colors for the different lines in the perspective grid settings doesn't work. Nothing happens when trying to click the color square. It's the same problem with other settings when I try to choose colors. The main color wheel is working though. The perspective grid don't show except for the horizon. Maybe a flaw in Apple's translation layer of the IOS/iPadOs API?

Awesome! :)
iPad M1 16GB here I go.  ;)

Yeah, it would be really cool!
But using a dedicated video editor is probably the best way to go.
Luma Fusion is cheap and easy to use as an example.

Users with 2,4, and 6 GB of RAM will probably end up using virtual memory. And everything slows down to a crawl.
Original animation drawings, animation cache and then adding audio files to the mix will be problematic to fit into physical memory.
An iPad with 8-16GB ram will probably work. But personally, I can't afford one and I guess it's not only me.  :)

Show your work / Brother will kill brother
on: April 11, 2022, 05:35:33 AM
Desktop version of AP. Awesome tool to work in, too bad it's almost abandoned.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Can't create project
on: March 27, 2022, 01:56:10 PM
Solved. Running a Linux server for storage I had to add this to the samba configuration.

By section global at the end add: fruit:nfs_aces = no
By section share add: vfs objects = catia fruit streams_xattr

I had the same problem with Apple devices smb shares too. I hope newer devices are patched.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Can't create project
on: March 26, 2022, 03:01:57 PM
I can't create a project when I'm on a smb:// share.
Unable to import document
couldn't be moved to storage

Any idea?

Sorry, wrong part of the forum. Should have been posted in the help section. :/

Show your work / MechWarrior
on: March 23, 2022, 07:05:30 AM
Created with the latest versions for Desktop and iPad.

Show your work / Warlock
on: March 19, 2022, 04:14:22 PM
Wish I could send this warlock down to Ukraine to save my friend stuck in Chernihiv.

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