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Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Toolbar got bigger
on: September 23, 2021, 03:06:59 AM
I just noticed That iOS 15 made you add the 3 dots at the top which increases the size of the toolbar significantly and looks off now. I don’t like that, is Apple forcing you to keep the 3 dots at the top? If not I want to suggest a setting that turns it off to get the more compact toolbar back  ;)

Help / What is automatically backed up into iCloud?
on: August 31, 2021, 11:55:49 AM

- custom brushes
- custom brush heads
- custom patterns
- custom color palettes

all automatically saved into iCloud so we can install/reinstall ASP on a new device and all these things are restored?

I only saw artwork in the iCloud folder but no settings/user resources

Help / Moving brushes into different folders
on: August 27, 2021, 09:16:17 AM
I am not able to select a brush and drag it into another folder in the brush panel, I get a „not allowed“ icon and the operation fails. Can anybody confirm that or is it just on my end? I currently have to copy/paste and delete the brushes to move them into another folder. (All custom brushes and folders, not the default ones)

Help / Toggle grayscale mode
on: August 20, 2021, 03:54:01 AM
Is it possible to toggle grayscale mode through the quick menu to check the values of the painting? I did not find anything except for the reference panel.

I would like to point out a few behaviors that may or may not be intentional:

1: When finger function is set to color picker, tapping the display with the finger stamps color on the surface instead of picking the color
2: Picking the color requires moving the finger after touching the display, holding or touching does not work (no matter what the delay setting is set to)
3: Activating touch radius prevents the finger stamp when touching the display, but does not solve problem 2
4: Long press delay does not work when finger function is set to "Quick menu" (Btw, I would like the Quick menu to open faster/instantly if possible, there is about half a second delay)

Edit: After exploring the points above, the 3 finger brush change gesture now only works in "pencil only mode" and stopped working in the other mode, I don't know why

I noticed when I change brush settings and click on „close“ instead of „save“, it saves the settings anyway so there is no way to cancel the changes, I assume that is a bug? If not, it should be changed because the both buttons are doing the same and it would make sense in my opinion to rename the „close“ button into „cancel“ to make it more clear

Help / Reduce pressure sensitivity for specific brush
on: July 21, 2021, 11:42:57 AM

Usually I use brushes with both Opacity + flow pressure activated and have the global pressure sensitivity curve adjusted based on that. However, when I deactivate opacity pressure in one brush to only use flow pressure, the sensitivity is suddenly way too high.

It is easy to make the curve more sensitive for each brush setting, but I have not seen an option to make the curve LESS sensitive when the global setting is too sensitive for a specific brush.

Is there a way to reduce the pressure sensitivity for the brush settings?

I need to mirror curves A LOT for my work, and actually it is very simple to do, but software is making it harder than necessary, because the transform bounding box always defaults to perfectly horizontal and vertical lines. Here’s the workflow for mirroring planes and curves in perspective:

1. Draw a curve (blue)
2. Construct a flat plane around the curve in perspective (red)
3. Construct a mirrored plane on the other side by using perspective drawing rules (green)
4. Use the ZigZag lasso tool and select the 4 corners of the plane that contains the curve (red planes corners, circled in orange)

And now the part that needs to be improved:

5. Activate the transform tool, flip horizontally, and drag the SELECTED corners into the corners of the green plane

Problem with step 5 is that the bounding box of the transform tool is different from the lasso selection, and can not be easily placed into the green plane. It would be so easy if the 4 lasso selected points created the bounding box for the transformation.

I know infinite painter allows you to change the transformation box before doing the transformation, so it is possible, (and Artstudio should implement that too), but what I am asking for here specifically is that, when doing 4 point selections with lasso tool, then the transform tool uses the same points for the bounding box. That would save so much time  ;)

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Perspective drawing improvements
on: January 18, 2021, 11:01:20 AM
I like to suggest a few things that will make perspective drawing better:

- Snapping to the perspective grid not only snaps the drawing in freehand mode, but also in line mode, but line mode should not snap to the grid, especially not when Freehand & Line is selected. (When I hold down the pencil to activate line mode, I want to make a straight line that does not follow the grid) Please make the line modes independent from the grid snapping, otherwise these modes serve no purpose, because snapping already makes the lines straight.

- Making the perspective guides invisible also automatically turns off the perspective grid snapping, but it should still snap to the perspective grid, even when I don’t want to see the grid on my canvas. Sometimes the grid needs to be just invisible, because the lines are distracting, but the snapping should still be active.

- Option to choose different colors for each vanishing point

- When a vanishing point is far away from the canvas, it becomes impossible to set up the grid while seeing the canvas because you need to zoom out a lot. Adding an additional handle for vanishing points once they move out of the screen (like in sketchbook pro) would be very helpful for these situations.

- Drawing mode icons for the top toolbar would make drawing shapes faster, it’s more convenient when you draw shapes and lines frequently

I started painting more and more traditional looking digital paintings, This traditional look requires primarily 3 things:

1: Paper texture with certain blending modes
2: Brushes with realistic look and behavior
3: Paper texture working together with brush texture settings

Version 3 of Artstudio introduced some nice realistic brushes ( :-* for those), but what is still missing is a Paper texture layer with a selection of multiple HQ paper textures for different canvases, that automatically sets the texture of each brush/smudge/eraser to the same paper texture that is selected for the background, so that the tools match the look of the canvas, without having to change it for all tools separately by hand. That makes drawing and painting traditionally MUCH easier.

That is similar to photoshops brush settings lock that sets certain brush settings globally, even when changing to a different brush, the settings are overwritten. That photoshop feature by the way is really cool too, I would like to request that in addition to the above.

Thank You!

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Long press undo-Redo/history slider
on: December 12, 2020, 02:01:44 PM
I miss a fast undo/redo option in Artstudio. Tapping dozens of times with 2 fingers is very inconvenient and slow.

Procreate has a nice two/three finger HOLD gesture that is quickly going backwards/forwards and repeats undo/redo commands automatically while holding down.

Infinite Painter goes even further and adds a history slider to slide through the history of all recorded steps, which is great! If you can add something similar, it would make working with Artstudio much more convenient.

Additionally I would like to request a Snapshot feature, that adds the current image to a dedicated snapshot section in the layer panel so we can compare and easily try different versions of our image, kind of like in photoshop.   ;)

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Autohide menu bar
on: December 12, 2020, 01:45:28 PM
When you open the menu bar, it stays there until I click the menu icon again. I don’t want it to stay open. Please add the option to close it again when tapping anywhere else.

Alternatively you can make the autohide default (because that is how menus work in all programs) and add a docking or pin icon that we can activate as needed when we want it to stay open.

Another Option is to use swipe menu actions, you start by touching the menu icon, hold finger on the screen, and swipe through the menu, then once you reached the function in the menu that you want to activate, lift the finger from the screen and the function activates + the menu disappears:

Help / Did You remove the color sliders??
on: August 08, 2020, 09:25:20 AM
I don’t know if this is a bug , but the color sliders on the left are gone, there are now swatches instead:

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Transform icon in the Toolbar
on: July 31, 2020, 05:37:40 PM
I always reach out for the toolbar to transform something and forget that there is only a move tool   ;D I wonder why? Sometimes I transform many times while drawing or sketching, and while the quick menu is okay for that purpose, it’s faster to have it in the toolbar.

Additionally, having the ellipses/lines/rectangle/polygon as icons in the toolbar would be natural and convenient too, especially when You only want to draw 1 ellipse/rectangle/polygon and continue drawing without the shape.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / How to save more screen space:
on: July 29, 2020, 11:27:48 AM
The new interface in the current beta is nice, better than before.

There is however much more that you can do to save valuable screen space:

- add the option to remove the undo redo buttons on the bottom left corner, they are unnecessary when you use gestures, which probably most people do.

- remove the big fat menu bar on the top of the reference panel. The options can be replaced with gestures, like double finger tap to flip and pinch out to reset the view, or any other gesture that makes sense here. No menu/toolbar necessary.

- the color panel is too big, make it possible to change the size. Another great option is to have the color Toolbar that is on the left visible in full screen mode, which would save even more space, or make it detachable.

- the brush settings have TONS of unused space! You can make the whole panel smaller, or USE the space for something like sliders, that would make adjustments faster.

- layers waste even more space than the brush settings, it’s  crazy. Remove the blending modes and opacity from the layer panel and move them to the layer options. Opacity could be replaced by something like press+hold+slide On the Thumbnail to left and right to change opacity without the slider.

Make it possible to dock a minimalistic version of the layers to the right edge and hide all options behind the Thumbnail of the layer. A small eye icon can toggle the visibility. A plus sign can pop up all options for adding new layers, adjustments , groups and effects. ( I illustrated a minimalistic panel on the screenshot below)

- Additionally, it would be nice make to have the option somewhere in the settings to make the whole interface smaller, but all the other points I mentioned above are more important.

Tip for the UI designers from another designer: Only use screen space where ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY, and don’t leave space empty. Infinite painter and craft pro are doing a good job with the minimal UI, You can learn from that. Remember, this is not a photoshop clone on the iPad, so make the interface more intuitive than Photoshop and use logical gestures as much as possible.  ;)

Now, the killer feature for a streamlined UI is this  8):
A gesture ( like tap or swipe with 3 or 4 fingers, or something else) that activates a customizable dashboard which temporarily darkens or blurs the whole screen And displays all the panels, options and tools That you change and use frequently. That way you can basically stay in full screen mode all the time and when you need something, like Changing the layer or manipulating the brush settings, you just do the gesture and everything you need is right in front of you and disappears when you continue painting. Similar to what The app craft pro is doing.

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