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Resources / Fine Arts brushes for Artstudio Pro 3
on: September 22, 2020, 04:23:48 AM

This is a digital art brush pack, containing brushes for the Artstudio Pro app. It needs minimum the version 3.0 of the app.
These brushes emulate natural media and are intended to complement Artstudio Pro 3 default brushes.
You will find brushes to paint like Oils, Watercolor, Pastel and Pastel Oils. Some traditional techniques are hard to be emulated, but you can obtain pretty good looking results simulating natural media.
There’s all you need to emulate any traditional technique on each brushset. But of course, you can combine it with any other brush or brushset, specially with the Artstudio Pro 3 default brushes.

This pack contains 67 brushes divided in:
• 17 brushes for Oil
• 17 brushes for Pastel (including PanPastels) and Oil Pastel
• 38 brushes for Watercolor

Enjoy them!

Download available in Deviantart:

I created some brushes during 3.0 beta stages for pastel, oil and watercolor simulation. I finished and packed them some weeks ago; waiting for final release to update them.

I did a pre-release test today, and some of these brushes don't work same as before when i created them.

When those settings are set:

- Blend Transparency set to Full
- Dynamics Opacity set to Pressure
- General -> Blending set to Multiply

The low Opacity values erases instead of blending!

Before that, the brushes worked perfect. If i apply the same settings to any brush (the default ARP 3.0 ones), it happens the same; for example in Oil brushes, becuase they use similar setting to mines (wetness, flow curve)

This is a link to a painting done with my brushes (the second one specially) to see how they worked before:

This is a link to one of my brushes:

I can send the complete brushset if you wish. Anyway i will will release it for free on 15 sept.

Please, let me know at least if this is a bug or this is intended. If it's a bug and it will be solved, i will not change the brushes settings. If this isn't a bug, i will change the Blend Tansparency to any other setting; it don't work exactly the same, but it works.

BTW pretty good release. I know the streamlined interface changes will get more appreciated. But my preferred new features are the brush settings. Very very good brush engine. Congrats Lucky Clan. I hope Cladio Juliano will make Artstudio Pro 3.0 video presentations on time :).

Trying new separate 3.0 beta.

The new Reference Panel is awesome. But it will be more useful with those two additions:

- Add the ability to see current reference image in grayscale mode. Must be a toggle on/off
- Add the ability to add the current painting/image on Reference Panel, for previewing our work on small size. The Grayscale must be abailable too.

Show your work / Ice landscape
on: August 01, 2020, 04:56:59 PM
A landscape on current beta, with custom brushes.



This is a digital art pack, containing textures and other resources which allow the user to use fine arts canvas and paper textures.

All resources are obtained from real media, scanned and tweaked.
The provided resources are distributed for free. Publishing and modification is allowed, except commercial use which is NOT ALLOWED.

The provided resources are universal (all graphic software), with the addition of extra resouces for Artstudio Pro and Procreate apps.

What’s included

This pack contains:
   8 paper textures: 3 pastel paper textures, 1 offset paper texture (for graphite), 2 linen canvas, 2 watercolor papers

·    Color Swatches for Artstudio Pro and Procreate. There’s also included a .jpg image for any graphic software usage

·    All textures as seamless 1000 x 1000 pixel texture in .jpg format. Usable in any software
·    All textures as DIN A3 texture (420 x 297 mm at 300 dpi, 4960 x 2507 pixels)

·    3 base documents which can be used as templates for Artstudio Pro

·    1 presset for Artstudio Pro containing all textures
• This User Guide

Download link available at:

For more varied texture, check this other free texture pack:

Show your work / watercolor landscapes
on: June 10, 2020, 06:52:37 PM
Some illustrations done with Artstudio Pro 3 beta. They are done with custom brushes i'm creating, i'm very happy with them. The next ones (brushes) will be pastel and -maybe- oils and digital ones.

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