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Neither version 2.3 beta nor iOS 13.1 betas fixed this issue I'm having since the feature was first introduced. As for other users reading this, is the feature working as intended on your device? If so, are you still on iOS 12?

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / [Suggestions] v2.3 beta improvements
on: September 06, 2019, 10:11:00 AM
This update brought many new features and has been great so far, but there are a couple minor issues:

1) Tools in painting mode cannot be easily rearranged as they can't be dragged.
2) Dodge and burn settings in painting mode can't be changed because double tapping them yields no result, unlike Paint and Eraser. This is also true for every tool that wasn't there in version 2.2.x.
3) Let users add more than 9 tools in Painting Mode, as there's room for many more. It would also be amazing if you could add quick menu actions too (like Edit>Transform, View>Mirror and so on). This would make painting mode as feature-rich as Normal Mode.
4) HSL adjustment hue range customization is great, one of the best implementations I've seen, but as of now the sliders are a bit laggy.
5) The reference image floating window is also a fantastic addition but it would be even better if it could also fit color sliders or swatches in the form of tabs. It will be even cooler if it could also be zoomed in and out with gestures and snapped out of the canvas when not in use, similar to iOS' PIP box. Another great addition would be the ability to choose the reference image from files, as I don't personally like the iOS' gallery and store all my images within the Files app.

Lastly I have a question regarding future updates: Are smart filters, pen tool and vector shapes planned? Adding those features will let many people abandon Photoshop and it's abysmal subscription plan, and make Artstudio Pro one of the best professional photo editing and painting programs.

I had this happen a couple times but I don't know how to trigger it. What happens is that the app won't do anything when pressing layers, back, color and possibly other buttons as well. Top menus and submenus are also mostly grayed out but the view can still be moved and zoomed. Restarting the app fixes the problem.

While in Edit>Transform>Scale mode it's pretty common to accidentally trigger a little rotation change (0.1 ~ 2°). Not a big deal, the real problem is that this action can't, for some reason, be undone without re-entering the Transform UI.
Since the difference is not that big, though, I can't honestly tell if the image actually rotates or if it just shows a wrong rotation value.

Here's a list of things that could make the brush engine almost perfect.

1) Flip X/Y, negative rotation angle and invert stamp in Aux Stamp.
2) Random Angle in brush dynamics.
3) Hue, Saturation and Lightness in brush dynamics, along with Aux Color.
4) A sort of "Flow Scale Factor" slider in general brush settings to counter the fact that if spacing is set to 1px there's pretty much no difference between 10-30% and 100% flow, depending on the brush. This slider could simply scale the Flow according to user's will so for example I could set the scale factor to 10 and make the slider's 100% become 10%.
5) The ability to input non-integer values in sliders. This is crucial for brush spacing as there can be a massive difference in looks and performance between 1 pixel and 1%.
6) A reworked dynamics settings page that lets the user choose two or more variables for a single parameter (Ex. Turn on both pressure and tilt for flow, each with its own curve).
7) An option for Apple Pencil's users to have a brush changing size/flow/opacity on start and end without applying pressure. This could be a mixture of Dynamics>Fade and Dynamics>Finger>Stroke Start/End.
8) I already posted about an improved View>Mirror. Is it doable?

Also wanted to say thank you to the developers for always listening to customer feedback, I really appreciate that.

1) When you try to export a brush stamp using the 'Export selected item' feature, the app crashes.
2) If the HSL adjustment layer is set to 'Colorize' and saved, the popup appears shorter when 'Colorize' is set to off again.

I attached a picture to better explain the concept.
What do you think?
The main difference is that the document won't change side if you mirror it while zoomed out or when moved to the left (for example when you are working with layers but also want to see the full picture). If the document fills the view, though, there won't be any changes.

The app won't let me delete documents (saved locally) but they can be deleted using Files.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / [Bug] Disappearing Layers #2
on: August 12, 2019, 06:18:05 PM
This infamous bug is till there in v2.2.7, 2.2.8 and possibly older versions as well. I managed to create an affected document that I will attach to this post so that it can be analyzed. The issue is basically the same: layers below the 11th randomly start to act crazy if grouped. Something to keep in mind is that it can rarely happen that instead of just flicking they completely disappear, as it was the case before. This bug was also dramatically less likely to happen in versions up to 2.2.5 or 2.2.6, as it had already been (mostly) fixed in a previous release.
I could not find what triggers this misbehavior yet, but it may require some tries before the bug actually "works". Just perform some random actions and it will likely happen.

P.S. The site would not let me upload the .artstudio document so i zipped it and also added a footage. I hope the bug is still there...

P.P.S If javascript is on, the site won't let me upload any attachment but it will if Javascript is turned off

Updated to 2.2.8 and tried to delete some documents (saved locally) but could not find the recently deleted folder anywhere. Not in ipad>artstudio, not in iOS' recently deleted files and neither in the "ipad" folder or anywhere else in the files app. Is that linked to the fact I'm on iOS beta?

Bug report: There's this tiny black point in the center of the screen that seems to be a broken pixel due to it always staying in the same place no matter what; This happens to be a bug though, as it disappears while performing a gesture and is not present in other apps. Just look at the screenshots.

Question: It was stated that it will be possible to edit tools in painting mode and that's great, but will the rulers and the top bar items (file, edit, layer, filters, open documents and so on) also be available in some way?

Suggestion: What about a way to quickly toggle between color sliders and swatches in the color bar? The toggle could be added to quick menu or as a little button similar to the one in painting mode.

I would like to suggest these features:
1) Ability to save custom canvas size presets and ability to delete existing ones that may not be used frequently.
2) Add math operations to the value editor. Examples: I want a color to have exactly half the current saturation so I just hit a /2 button in the value editor. I want a layer to move up by a certain amount of pixels (already possible but it would still be useful for multiple translations) -> I just add the amount I need without having to calculate it myself.
3) Display the value editor when tapping on Size and Flow, in order to input a specific value.
4) Add resolution, ppi and possibly color profile in the documents view alongside size.
5) Make the whole view more "iOS-like" by renaming files with a tap on their name, by adding drag and drop support and by adding long press menu support for actions like duplicating and deleting.
6) A trash can or a recently deleted folder would be much appreciated in my opinion because it happened a couple times that I had to delete more than a document but also selected (and deleted) one to keep by accident. Not that big of a deal if everything is backed up but I still see it being useful.
7) Being able to export more than one document at a time would also be an appreciated feature.

This is not something that has to be fixed by the dev but a warning to iOS beta users.

After updating iOS to beta 6 the "system" gestures actions are performed in place of Artstudio's ones. Here's some examples

2 finger tap is working as intended as there's no iOS gesture with 2 fingers.
3 finger tap displays a "nothing to undo" popup or the text edit popup (the rounded new one including cut, copy and so on)
4 finger tap works as intended if performed just after a triple tap, otherwise it does nothing.

Undo and redo buttons do work though, so the issue is caused by the system registering text gestures even without text fields.

One of the latest updates improved view>mirror by using the screen center as pivot (nice one, really) but one thing that should be considered is adding mirrored thumbnails in the layers panel while the view is mirrored. This would be helpful when trying to erase accidental little strokes that make a layer "larger" than it should. To quickly identify those I usually look at the thumbnails but when in mirrored view this "trick" does not work of course. That would also be a bit better-looking since it's consistent with the actual view.

Not sure if it has already been suggested but the gradient in the gradient tool needs to be editable before applying. If it's just 2 colors trial and error is good enough but if you plan to use something precise (4 and up points) that's just unreasonable. The only way to make it work is to apply the gradient to an empty layer and then transform it to match the space it has to fill but this decreases the gradient quality due to interpolation.

There are some old bugs that are not yet fixed along with a couple new ones

- mirror checkmark and deleted history are (as long as you're running ios 13 beta 3, 3 re-release or 4) still issues.
- the app switcher thumbnail is still stretched after rotating the device.
- after hiding or unhiding a layer and zooming out the thumbnail still shows the layer or not, respectively.
- sometimes the color, brush and layers menus are still smaller that they should upon re-entering the app.
- it rarely happens that layers still disappear when hiding/unhiding.
- some layers show a different layer's thumbnail while being hidden/unhidden. It's random, might be hard to reproduce.
- the Elastify tool sometimes won't visually show any differences but will still process the changes when applied. The final image will not be different though.

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