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Picking colors for the different lines in the perspective grid settings doesn't work. Nothing happens when trying to click the color square. It's the same problem with other settings when I try to choose colors. The main color wheel is working though. The perspective grid don't show except for the horizon. Maybe a flaw in Apple's translation layer of the IOS/iPadOs API?

Show your work / Brother will kill brother
on: April 11, 2022, 05:35:33 AM
Desktop version of AP. Awesome tool to work in, too bad it's almost abandoned.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Can't create project
on: March 26, 2022, 03:01:57 PM
I can't create a project when I'm on a smb:// share.
Unable to import document
couldn't be moved to storage

Any idea?

Sorry, wrong part of the forum. Should have been posted in the help section. :/

Show your work / MechWarrior
on: March 23, 2022, 07:05:30 AM
Created with the latest versions for Desktop and iPad.

Show your work / Warlock
on: March 19, 2022, 04:14:22 PM
Wish I could send this warlock down to Ukraine to save my friend stuck in Chernihiv.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Future plans
on: February 22, 2022, 09:35:51 AM
Do you have any future plans for the desktop version? Me and probably other artists live in both worlds of ASP. Just minor adjustments to make the brush and color windows a little more dynamic and the possibility to show/hide window content.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / 4.0 iPad New from file - crash
on: January 18, 2022, 12:10:22 PM
As the header says. Drag files into Artstudio works.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / 4.0 Desktop problem M1 Monterey
on: January 17, 2022, 01:02:29 PM
Pencils are really slow on my M1. They where already slow in the latest version 3, but now they have crossed the border in to the land of serious lag.  ???

Show your work / Quest
on: January 01, 2022, 04:25:07 AM
ASP Desktop

Show your work / Angel
on: December 28, 2021, 08:59:22 AM
Desktop version using Astropad studio and Luna Display on iPad Pro 2017 12.9

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Really annoying when auto-save start
on: December 23, 2021, 08:30:47 AM
When in the file dialog, importing an image to a layer or similar, the auto-save closes the dialog by force. Can the auto-save be run in the background without closing the file dialog or stay on hold while in there? It happens all the time and causes a lot of distress. Not knowing when auto-save is going to happen and have to go to the same folder again after a sudden close is really annoying. Especially when working with matte-painting or concept art where you look for images frequently.

Spawning a thread in the background would be perfect but might be tricky when changes are made at the same time. Snapshot of the data?

I've been stresstesting Photshop and Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro 12.9 2017. Both Photoshop and Affinity seems to handle a lot of layers without any penalty in performance.
ASP on the other hand is struggling a lot with the same amount of layers. I jump to my Mac Mini M1 and run Astropad when this happens, but on the road I don't have this option. Is it possible to improve many layers performance in ASP or is a total rebuild of the core required in ASP?

When creating a new project from the filebrowser I get wrong size.
Using the plus sign in the filebrowser and create from template, A5 as an example, the size of the canvas gets really small 12.53mm x 17.78mm. The ration is correct so if I resize the canvas using the width of 148mm the height sets to 210mm as expected.

Show your work / Secret Passage
on: November 27, 2021, 05:29:06 PM
Made with MacOs version of ASP 3.2.16

Show your work / Departure
on: November 25, 2021, 08:08:43 AM
Beta 3.3 733

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