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Just a tiny request here:
On the color panel, the first mode “the color circle” : when you tap anywhere within it , the color pointer jumps immediately to where you click , which is nice and fast. It’s what you’d expect.
But on other color palette modes (even the square version from the first palette mode) the color pointer shifts position with an animation, which isn’t necessary and stands out especially if you want to pick colors frequently and quickly.
I guess it would be good to keep the color pointer behaviour the same across the panels (just like how it is in the circle mode) without the animation, it will also make that experience consistent.


Hi, I really love ASP on iPad pro

1- Playing around with the reference image feature, it's so useful that I included it in the Quick Menu option,
The issue is, I like to choose the Medium window size for the reference window, but everytime I use the Quick menu to hide or unhide the reference window, the window size resets to 'small'.. Hope this will be fixed and window size keeps consistent .
(Maybe in future version you can drag the corners of the reference window to change the size a little bit?)

2-Request: can there please be an option in Gradient tool to go from "Current color" to transparency ? that would be amazing, this way the gradient tool will always update with the new picked color.

Thank you

Hi Thanks for the recent updates. ASP is becoming my favourite art app on iPad pro. But as much as i like the HSB sliders on the right side of the screen, I think the workflow within the app would benefit greatly from having a minimal HSB/RGB or Color wheel window that you can move around or turn on/off. Hope this can be implemented sometime :)

Hi . I love ASP on iPad pro
Suggestion as title says:
I would love if i can have the color sliders on top, horizontal, under the toold bar. not on the left.
While keeping the size and opacity on the left.
I hope that is doable as an option. It's much better to have both colors and size bars available at the same time without clicking the switch icon.
And colors on top will be easier to manipulate while painting.


Love the quick menu especially when mapped to double tap Apple Pencil 2, very useful!
Here are two minor suggestions:
1-Make it a bit smaller, maybe 10% or 15% smaller?  it will look more neat and hide less space of the canvas.
2-Make it have up to 9 buttons, I don't see the reason the middle space is empty when there are 8 buttons.

Thanks and keep up the good work! :)

The new Apple Pencil is out , hope ASP will implement the custom double tap on it:
for example : toggle eyedropper , or (more importantly) toggle quick menu?


By the way, regardless of the new Apple Pencil, I would really like an icon to toggle quick menu instead of 4 fingers tap.

Is there a way to disable the undo/redo info pop up message ? if not it would be great if you provide that option
For some experienced users it's not necessary so it's good to have an option to turn it on/off
it gets in the way sometimes. Thanks!

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Easy way to draw straight lines?
on: September 06, 2018, 02:48:32 AM
Maybe there is a way to draw in straight lines with the current brush or mixer brush tools and I'm not aware of it? (using iPad version and without keyboards)
If not it would be cool to have this possibility

Mostly when I have the layer or the brush panels open, and then I try to pan /zoom the canvas with gesture, it lags a bit and doesn't feel smooth closing the panel. there is often a lag until the zoom action responds to the gesture.
It would be great if closing the panel+zooming/panning the canvas gets smoother and more instantaneous.

It would be helpful to add a lasso tool , and also a button that will let you do free transform , within the full screen view

Also in the regular mode, a transform tool would be nice- currently there is only a move tool, free transform only available from menu

To make them always visible on screen while painting,
Maybe add a 'pin' icon to keep them open, that would be nice and help efficiency

In the future it would be great to move them around , floating
But for now I think 'pinning' is not a bad solution

It would be great to have a warp (mesh) transform mode. with a grid that gives you 9 controls points.. with Bezier handles.
Something like in Photoshop, and infinite painter app.
Sometimes it's more precise and controlled than Elastify for some cases.


Maybe I'm missing something or it's a bug
1-When you make a type with the text tool, hit Done,  I didn't find any way to change the font after. even with the text layer is selected and the text tool is active.
If I click on the font options and choose a different font, hit done, nothing is changed :(

Please look into this.

2-Also can you please make sub font options (Bold, italic, etc..) in a different place maybe at the lower option bar?
So when you just click the font name, you see the results immediately. rather than having to click multiple times.
In PS the regular,bold, italic options are in a separate menu . which makes it easier to see the immediate look of the font itself ,


Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / "Lasso Fill" tool
on: May 30, 2018, 06:14:43 PM

Can you program an additional fill tool that works like "Lasso Fill" (in clip studio paint software)
See video to explain :

A tool like this will be very useful to quickly fill areas with a lasso shape. instead of selecting lasso first then changing tool to fill. it's a direct one step: draw a lasso shape and automatically it will be filled with current color.

If that is possible, it would be great to also use the same tool in a different mode "erase" so you can remove areas quickly with a lasso shape.

Thanks!  :)

Just a quick question regarding Apple Pencil pressure preferences.
I'm trying to achieve the same pressure I'm used to with my Wacom tablet.
Can you clarify what is the different between "Min pressure" and "Force for min pressure"? it's not so clear to me

Thanks very much

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