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Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / when, when, when
on: March 16, 2018, 03:27:57 AM
This post relates to the following:

..... Art Studio Pro v.1.1.6 (March 12, 2018)
..... iPad Pro 10.0.2
..... Apple Pencil

My last post was basically ignored. Tim answered, but either he didn't try my step-by-step to reproduce my problem, or he... I don't know.

So I'll spare myself some time and just ask when you think the brushes might work.

By that I mean that each and every preset can be individually reset, the settings function as they are supposed to, the settings don't ALL go back to defaults when you only want to reset one item to defaults, and they don't keep reverting to presets you've never used, or at least not in months, every time you blink, etc., etc., etc.

I've been pretty patient, but a lot of time has gone by, and, in my opinion, this isn't even ready for beta testing (at least in the brush area), let alone several months in public release.

Having said that, I've made use of it for cropping. That works well.


But to do art, to sketch and paint, I continue to use Procreate. All I really wanted was to have some fun with this and sketch a few things. But that is IMPOSSIBLE for me, given that I tend to make my own brushes for everything, and your entire brush system is chaos, in my opinion.


Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / still major brush problems
on: January 25, 2018, 05:01:23 AM
I just got today's update.  (I've been getting updates all along.)

The brushes are still not usable for me.

For example, whenever I use:

....... View | Reset Tool

my brush turns into:

.......  Static Big Pen 15 px


To prove it, try this:

1 - Switch "Group" to "Painting"

2 - Select the preset named "Big Aquarel - 300 px"

3 - Using the sliders, reduce the size and opacity.

4 - Paint a few strokes.

5 - To get the default size and opacity back, select "View" and then "Reset Tool" from the top menu.

6 - Along the bottom bar, tap the brush icon to the right of the color square to bring back the Brush Editor.

7 - Notice that even though the "Group" is still "Painting" AND even though the yellow selector box is still around "Big Aquarel - 300 px" ... the name in the box above has switched to "Static Big Pen 15 px."

8 - If you go ahead and paint some more, now you are painting with the Static Big Pen from the Sketching Group, even though you selected the Big Aquarel Brush from the Painting Group.


No matter what I do, it always switches back to the Static Big Pen - 15 px.

This is just one of many surprising brush problems.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Brush problems
on: December 25, 2017, 07:40:31 PM
Some brushes don't work very well.  Here's an example.

You have a Sharp Pencil (Tilt) 2 px.

It doesn't show at all until increased to at least 5.

I thought maybe it was something to do with the "Tilt" in the name.

But other tools have similar problems.

And back to the Sharp Pencil, once it does agree to draw, it turns out to be highly jittered and separated dots.  Can't draw a connected line.

I first tried it with a 1000 x 1500 sheet.

Then the same thing happened with only a 600 x 900 sheet.

Some of the brushes weren'r working too well, so I got the update to 1.0.5.

Now, my Apple Pencill will not work at all.

In Pencil Only mode, I canNOT draw with my Apple Pencil even though, oddly, I can draw with my FINGERS in Pencil Only Mode.

Naturally, I tried both modes, but the Apple Pencil will not work even though my iPad knows it is there and paired it and all that stuff.


Can't use the app at all now.

Here is my configuration:

--- iPad Pro

--- iOS 10.0.2

--- Art Studio Pro 1.0.5

--- Apple Pencil

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Art Studio Pro User Manual ?
on: December 17, 2017, 07:54:02 PM
I love to read User Manuals!  I can't find the User Manual for Art Studio Pro though.  Is it somewhere on your website?

I rely on them to do my artwork  :)

Hi Lucky Clan,

I've used the first Art Studio a LOT over the last year.  Mostly I used it to crop and label and arrange and export stuff I did in another app.  It has helped me so much!

But I was excited to discover today that you had a new Art Studio Pro with a new Brush Engine.  I bought it right away.

Unfortunately, as I was playing with the brush settings, I realized I can't find the reset button.

There HAS to be a reset button for each brush to get back to the default settings, textures, etc., for that brush, but I can't find it.


I tried to get around this problem by creating a duplicate copy of a whole brush group, and then making various changes to the duplicates.

Unfortunately, the changes also took hold in the actual brushes, as well as the copies that I was working with.

The only way I can find to reset all these brushes is to DELETE THE APP.

Since I don't have enough data in my data plan to download it again (and again and again), it looks like I'm out of options and will have to continue without this new app.

I feel very sad about this.


If you can tell me there is a reset button for every brush (or even for all brushes), that would save the whole situation, both now and future.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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