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Hi there guys!

love your app, specially for ipad! you did a great job, specially for artist like coming, how coming from the SAI/ps background. really i'm in love with artstudio pro!.

here is my suggestions to improve the workflow:

-Warp tool with Transform ( also, using transform, i don't know if is just the ipad version but works very slowly)
-Bluetooth support: because a lot of artist still use basic functions like cmd+z, alt for color picker and adding different actions to the keyboard to make quick stuff.

-left handed support: just the chance to move some panels from one side to another, nothing crazy, a change of sides will be great!. ( im lefthanded so u.u )

-chance of change the color of the UI or typo ( some artist works better for example, with a white background, I personally prefer to have a black one! gives you better contrast on your picture )

-Channels : because is used for masking, color variations, etc.

-Liquify ( ok, maybe i'm asking so much u.u maybe this one is not 100% need it )

Keep doing the good job!

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Use of keyboard and color picker
on: December 16, 2017, 09:16:14 PM
Hi There! The app is great and feels like a future great ps option!.

But, i cant make it Work with a keyboard! So i cant use the alt key ti use the color picker! :( is there any way to solve this? The alt/brush technique is very common in digital paint.

Also, the color picker never appears in the position of the pencil always far of it, so is a little unconfortable.

A option to tweak the curve pressure in ipad pro will be great! Some times the pressure works a little buggy.

Thanks so much in advance!.

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