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I also report lags. Not on all tools, but it happens.

On a brand new iPP M1 with 8GB of RAM, the first painting i did with ASP in this model, and without using swap space:

Screenshot taken today.

Maybe i can have an explanation for that behavior in my case. I explain:

First i installed some brush sets (the Indexes from Cladio and my own sets created by zero inside ASP), all work perfect and no problems at all.

Then i installed a very large Photoshop brush set; the Michael Adamidis oils&acrylics brush set. I installed the TPL version to preserve tool configurations. Unfortunately it created a single category for all 400+ brushes. I deleted many of them (there's way too many variations of the same brushes) until that group had around only 40 brushes and tweaked them (to use emboss features). It was a very long process, because it took me around 30 seconds just to select any brush; swap memory is used (around 1.5GB). When i finished, app speed seems back to normal, no swap used.

I restarted ASP many times, to refresh memory usage. Then i started to make my painting.

To paint i used this MA brushes group and the default Oil group. I was selecting constantly the 'send feedback' feature, and i never saw any swap usage, always the same as the above screenshoot. However, the lags and delays started after some time. Even restarting the app, sometimes the lags started in few minutes, not only tool selecting delays, painting lags too. The tool selection and painting algs dosn't seem to be selective, same brush may be selected or paint instantly or have intense lag.

The only thing i noticed is that it starts when i change to any brush from another category. Even using only two brush groups, as more i change between them, the faster appears the lags.

The only thing i can do for myself is to create new brushes replicating the ones from MA. Maybe they are too resource intensive, or maybe there's some hidden ABR/TPL resources in Photoshop brushes i don't know. However, technically no swap memory is used, and the problem may still be here.

Resources / Re: Fine Arts brushes for Artstudio Pro 3
on: February 06, 2021, 06:11:59 AM
Ok, there's a direct download link:

I don't know if it works, it's the first time i share an iCloud link. I could share a Dropbox link, but i shared many Dropbox links and always exceed download quota; sorry for that inconvenience.

Anyway, i encourage anyone to register at Deviantart. It's free, and there's lots and lots of free resources for any digital art software. Also many great artworks by lots of great artists, albeit you can see those artworks even without registration. For 'free' resource creators, Deviantart it's one of the best sites to share content, because -at this moment- we can share high volume data without major restrictions.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Tool icons on the left
on: September 23, 2020, 04:16:10 AM
¿Why not the option to add booth, on top and left?

I mean, by default only the top one. Add the option to change left bar to include more buttons. Even an option to hide left bar at all.

Now we have finger dragging to change size/flow and floating color panel. So someone will don't need an extra bar at all, some others will prefer to have as many options at hand as possible.

This way we will have 5 different modes:

- By default the left bar visible with size/flow handles
- Option to hide the bar
- Option to add even more buttons
- Option to show color palette
- Option to show Tone/Saturation color

The top button now is only useful when you use it for colors. Instead, use it to swap between 5 modes.

Maybe the addition of another bar for changing some extra brush settings: blend mode, activate/deactivate pressure, change drawing mode, symmetry on/off.

In any way, don't put again the second vertical bar; many unwanted touches. Now it's good: only the bar on the left (or right for left handed).

Note: this is not a petition, but a proposal. Indeed a prefer the UI as is in 3.0 but i understand the complains.

Resources / Re: Fine Arts brushes for Artstudio Pro 3
on: September 22, 2020, 06:46:03 AM
Updated, the download was marked as private, now is available to everybody.

Thanks to let me know.

Resources / Fine Arts brushes for Artstudio Pro 3
on: September 22, 2020, 04:23:48 AM

This is a digital art brush pack, containing brushes for the Artstudio Pro app. It needs minimum the version 3.0 of the app.
These brushes emulate natural media and are intended to complement Artstudio Pro 3 default brushes.
You will find brushes to paint like Oils, Watercolor, Pastel and Pastel Oils. Some traditional techniques are hard to be emulated, but you can obtain pretty good looking results simulating natural media.
There’s all you need to emulate any traditional technique on each brushset. But of course, you can combine it with any other brush or brushset, specially with the Artstudio Pro 3 default brushes.

This pack contains 67 brushes divided in:
• 17 brushes for Oil
• 17 brushes for Pastel (including PanPastels) and Oil Pastel
• 38 brushes for Watercolor

Enjoy them!

Download available in Deviantart:

Yes, reset works only with stock brushes.

Ok, no problem with that.

Then, i ask if it's possible to implement in future updates. It will help a lot for brush creators and any user.

Ok, i see why i never found it before. It seems reset don't work with custom groups and custom brushes.

If i modify an ASP default brush, it works. When any of the brush setting is modified, it shows a filled circle on thumbnail. Then, you can reset the brush or the entire category.

If i modify a custom brush, or "paste" any brush, or duplicate, it shows an outlined circle. It always shows "Save" button when i edit the brush, even i i don't modify it at all. However, if i edit the brush settings, the Save buttons works; it just remains here even if settings are already saved. The Reset option never pop ups, neither in brush or group long-press options.

So, in default brushes works correctly. But it didn't work on custom brushes.

c) Please and an option to revert finger gesture to it's original (horizontal = size, vertical = flow/opacity)

Some may prefer it with the new directions. But some others prefer it as it was previously.

f) Please add an option to reset brush. I can't find any way to do that, the option on "View" menu don't work.

About a) I prefer as it is now in beta. But the proposed method is also good.

Ok, no problem. I will update the brushes. Luckilly i tested them before final release.

Still i don't get why this "erasing" behavior. It erases the bottom colors! There's a picture showing it. The brush it's the one linked above:

I created some brushes during 3.0 beta stages for pastel, oil and watercolor simulation. I finished and packed them some weeks ago; waiting for final release to update them.

I did a pre-release test today, and some of these brushes don't work same as before when i created them.

When those settings are set:

- Blend Transparency set to Full
- Dynamics Opacity set to Pressure
- General -> Blending set to Multiply

The low Opacity values erases instead of blending!

Before that, the brushes worked perfect. If i apply the same settings to any brush (the default ARP 3.0 ones), it happens the same; for example in Oil brushes, becuase they use similar setting to mines (wetness, flow curve)

This is a link to a painting done with my brushes (the second one specially) to see how they worked before:

This is a link to one of my brushes:

I can send the complete brushset if you wish. Anyway i will will release it for free on 15 sept.

Please, let me know at least if this is a bug or this is intended. If it's a bug and it will be solved, i will not change the brushes settings. If this isn't a bug, i will change the Blend Tansparency to any other setting; it don't work exactly the same, but it works.

BTW pretty good release. I know the streamlined interface changes will get more appreciated. But my preferred new features are the brush settings. Very very good brush engine. Congrats Lucky Clan. I hope Cladio Juliano will make Artstudio Pro 3.0 video presentations on time :).

There's already an option to flip the reference.

Also you can drag&drop (at least from Files) directly to reference panel. If not, you can only import from Photos.

Trying new separate 3.0 beta.

The new Reference Panel is awesome. But it will be more useful with those two additions:

- Add the ability to see current reference image in grayscale mode. Must be a toggle on/off
- Add the ability to add the current painting/image on Reference Panel, for previewing our work on small size. The Grayscale must be abailable too.

Show your work / Ice landscape
on: August 01, 2020, 04:56:59 PM
A landscape on current beta, with custom brushes.

I prefer the auto change group on.

This is the behavior on all digital art software i use. Anyway, i still prefer it on.

I prefer on top. It's faster, now you can have more buttons.

I also like the size. Smaller size will make harder the long pressure to swap tool with same brush (as in Procreate).

Ideally (in desktop software), the toolbar must be on the left and movable. On top the tool options. And finally the tool palettes everywhere and / or stackable. But... i guess toolbar on top is the best best for touch interfaces.

In addition, iPad screens are 4:3, not widescreen as computer monitors. You don't loose much space as in PC software. Also, many Tool Option bars are proportionally much bigger than Artstudio Pro top toolbar (on iPad).

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