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UnluckyFrank try decreasing the spacing of the brush stamp to minimum and see if it still happens

It's still there after I set the brush stamp to minimum. I tried setting other values down to their minimums as well, but nothing changed either.

Okay, so this is something odd I noticed a while back when going back in forth between different drawing apps. I noticed in Artstudio Pro, when you put the apple pencil on the screen and start drawing, the line doesn’t instantly appear.

Like, When drawing really slowly with a brush, there appears to be a half-second (sometimes even full second) delay between the pencil connecting to the screen and the pixels actually appearing. The more you're zoomed out, the delay gets worse (especially if your brush size is small).

Yeah, I get it’s sort of a minor thing (it's almost unnoticeable if you drawing at a regular pace or faster), but it’s been bugging me since I noticed it (especially since other art apps I’ve used didn’t exhibit this). Plus it’s making drawing multiple, short little lines, slowly on my art a little irritating.

Again it's a minor thing, but I thought it was at least something to made aware off.

I noticed after the 3.2 update that the Canvas Rotation Threshold option and the gestures for cut, copy, paste, undo, and redo that were introduced in iPadOS 13, were removed. The Threshold made it a harder to accidentally rotate the canvas, and the gestures were great since they applied throughout the entire OS. Just wondering why they were removed and if they could be brought back?

Thank you, was just about to report on this.

This is a very minor suggestion, but I think it would be a bit convenient to have a Transform button within the Selection tools options (Lasso, Polygon, Magic Wand, Rectangle and Ellipse). I get that we can quickly access it through the Quick Menu, but I have an Gen 1 Apple Pencil, so the other methods to access the menu are a too inconsistent for my taste.

I figured since, most of the time I feel, users use the Transform option frequently with the Selection tools. Currently to transform a selection we have to go to the Edit menu then navigate down to Transform, so naturally this would reduce the number of taps, plus we would always have Transform within easy reach when using those tools (similar to how, within the same tool options, we can Deselect without going to the Select Menu).

Again not big deal, it’s a minor thing, just thought I would suggest it. I made a mock-up of what I was thinking.

Hey Lucky Clan, really like the new update, though I have a suggestion.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when you exit out of the app and re-open it, the panels location and length gets reset back to their default positions.

For example, I prefer to have my Layer panel fully extended and pushed all the way to the right, my Brushes panel closer to top left, and my Tool options panel in the lower left. Whenever the app the reloads, I have to re-position all the panels all over again.

So I suggest that the app remembers where and what lengths the panels are when you exit out the app or it reloads, similar to how currently the File/edit/image/adjust/etc tool bar remembers whenever it’s selected.

Hello. After the most recent update, a project I was working keeps causing the app to crash while trying to open it. It was opening fine before the update.

The model of iPad Pro i'm using is the 2017 10.5 model, 256 gb. Currently running iPadOS 13.4.

The file is 27.8 MB and has a rather large amount of layers (before the update this just just resulted in it taking a little while to open, but didn't crash).

For the drawing mode Freehand & Line I feel there should be an option to increase the amount of time before the line activates.

 I say this because while drawing with it enabled I tend to pause for a few moments, which results in me creating a Line when I don't mean to.

On a related note, while in this drawing mode, if I draw really slowly, the line still activates (rather than activating after I get to a complete stop and holding for few secs). I don't know if this is a bug or not, but it's annoying when I want to slow down and focus on a particular detail.

I like the idea keeping this drawing mode on, so I feel these could be a beneficial additions in the future.

So, I just noticed that when using the Apple Pencil with cursor turned on, that the circle changes size based on how much pressure is applied rather than staying at whatever px size you set the brush as.

It wasn't like this before, so I'd like the option to turn this off and just have the cursor stay at whatever px size I'm using at the time (similar to other software like Photoshop, Clip Studio and Medibang)

Suggestion: I think it would be beneficial to add an option that would allow for Undo/Redo to be more like the one introduced in the new update (Three finger swipe left Undo, Three finger swipe right Redo). With of course being an option to switch back to the two finger/three finger tap if you wish.

Bug: For some reason when ever I try to make a perfect Line/Square/Circle, it won't let me.

Like when I try to use my Apple Pencil then use my finger to create a perfect shape or a specific line angle, it ignores it whenever I release my finger or pencil.

Oh and the ability to snap to angles with the line tool is acting really inconsistent, sometimes it let's me move snaps and sometimes not. Same thing with the Freehand & Line tool.

Version 2.2.6 with fixed bug in text editing is available!

Thank you! Love you guys!


The specific bug I’ve ran into is that, for some reason, when using the text tool, whenever I try to make a word a different size from other words within the same text box, it won’t let me do it and it will either completely ignore my change, make the whole sentence small, or just straight up change the font to Helvetica

Basically, I try to do this: The big bird tried to KILL me

It changes it to this: The big bird tried to kill me.

Or when I try to do this (within the same text box):

French Republic

It becomes this:

French Republic

When I’m not doing that though, the text tool works like normal.

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