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"Please tell me which brush should I use to reproduce this"
I just used basic build in round brush (with generated tip), and enabled flow: pressure and tilt.

Thanks for the fix.
I think latest update introduced new bug (I cant revert ArtStudio to test previous release to se if bug was there):
- when using generated brush tips (circle, square), and setting brush flow dynamics to : pressure and tilt - pressure is being ignored. Only tilt is affecting flow. Image brushes work ok.

In very latest update (2.2.8? ) when I have  circle brush tip selected, and brush size - linked to both pressure and tilt, the brush tip is getting squashed (more elliptical) when tilting pencil. Textured brushes tips are not affected and work ok (they mantain proportions).
This bug is still there in 2.2.9 update.

I tried the latest update with speed bust for flat wet  brushes.
After painting for few minutes, brush (mabe canvas? ) is getting corrupted and I can paint only black (current color is ignored). Reopening document helps for just another few  strokes. Then brush color goes black again (the selected color stays the same eg. yellow, just brush outputs black color).

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / New color blending
on: July 18, 2019, 01:44:06 PM
Hi, I saw new Borodante video about AS Pro 2.2 and new average blending looks great.
I remember he mentioned it is going bit slow for big brushes (600px) even with metal support.
I wonder are you using subsampling for color blending? Maybe this can bump the performance without visual quality loos. 
There is one cool doc about it:
Picking 100points, vs 600x600 points should provide speed boost right (I assume this is the most time consuming part).

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Pencil offset
on: July 11, 2019, 06:46:42 AM
Dynamics>Angle set - None helped - brush is now in center.
I just had to go to finger dynamics - and set Angle to 'Stroke direction' - for brush alpha to follow the pen azimuth (I'm not sure if this is bug, that finger properties are affecting pen props).
But still offset feature is great, imo it could be reduced.  In Infinite Painter  offset value can be set by user. Positive values move brush away from pencil (good for aerograph like effect), negative is moving alpha toward pencil center (pencils).
I measured how much more offset is applied in AStudio Pro compared to  IPainter:

So even with max offset value, Artstudio is moving brush alpha around 50%  more compared to IPainter (and usually pencils in IPainter are not set to max offset).
I hope you will consider reducing offset, or adding slider for it.

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Pencil offset
on: July 10, 2019, 04:26:59 PM
IMO pencil offset is bit too much when shading with tilt, especially for big brushes. That was the first thing I noticed immediately when shading in Artstudio. Left is Artstudio.
Right feels better (Procreate or Infinity Painter):

Because of that I find myself constatly painting in wrong spot, and the shading is applied to much toward pencil center.

Great update 2.2 congrats.
I wish for new option for Aux color - auto pick from initial pen position.
Basically it would pick color under stroke, before first brus dab is applied, so that we could blend with background color under cursor.
Right now if I have red background, and paint with yellow, aux color would blend to default wite color.
With this new option aux color would be automatically set to red, so that  I could blend with it.
BTW. you have the worst captchas in this forum in the world :D

I’m new to iOS and I tried procreate and Artstudio, and already I like artstudio more.
One thing that was bit hard to get, was: In other painting softwares usually user has brush preset,  and this brush preset may use one of few paint engines (in AStudio: pencil, paint, wet paint).
Problem I have is, I made wet brush preset but I can’t save it as such. I have to switch constantly between brush engines, then brush preset (I imagine it will be hard, after some time, to remember which brush preset used which brush engine). So I just wish for brush presets to have option auto-set preferred brush engine.
Also I noticed bug, when selecting Fav brushes (star icon), brush engine always resets to Paint.

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