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I agree. Alternatively having a way to quickly toggle between color bars would be great.

Yes, the distance between the toolbars is used when they are both visible (normal mode), the distance between the single toolbar and the edge of the screen is used in painting mode (and when the swatches/sliders bar is hidden) and the total viewport's width is used in fullscreen mode. When zoomed out, an average between the canvas' borders' x coordinates returns the x coordinate of the axis used for mirroring the canvas. I used the distance because it works exactly like the coordinates when the canvas is zoomed out but when the canvas is partially/totally offscreen it's better to use the screen's borders to perform the average, in order for the axis to never be offscreen.

Actually a "+" has to take the place of the "-". Sorry about the inconvenience. It was intended to be an average but for some reasons it was not...
For best results consider "view" as the distance between the toolbars if they're visible, and whole view's width if not.

Uploaded a corrected version

Neither version 2.3 beta nor iOS 13.1 betas fixed this issue I'm having since the feature was first introduced. As for other users reading this, is the feature working as intended on your device? If so, are you still on iOS 12?

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / [Suggestions] v2.3 beta improvements
on: September 06, 2019, 10:11:00 AM
This update brought many new features and has been great so far, but there are a couple minor issues:

1) Tools in painting mode cannot be easily rearranged as they can't be dragged.
2) Dodge and burn settings in painting mode can't be changed because double tapping them yields no result, unlike Paint and Eraser. This is also true for every tool that wasn't there in version 2.2.x.
3) Let users add more than 9 tools in Painting Mode, as there's room for many more. It would also be amazing if you could add quick menu actions too (like Edit>Transform, View>Mirror and so on). This would make painting mode as feature-rich as Normal Mode.
4) HSL adjustment hue range customization is great, one of the best implementations I've seen, but as of now the sliders are a bit laggy.
5) The reference image floating window is also a fantastic addition but it would be even better if it could also fit color sliders or swatches in the form of tabs. It will be even cooler if it could also be zoomed in and out with gestures and snapped out of the canvas when not in use, similar to iOS' PIP box. Another great addition would be the ability to choose the reference image from files, as I don't personally like the iOS' gallery and store all my images within the Files app.

Lastly I have a question regarding future updates: Are smart filters, pen tool and vector shapes planned? Adding those features will let many people abandon Photoshop and it's abysmal subscription plan, and make Artstudio Pro one of the best professional photo editing and painting programs.

Thanks for the info, if that happens again I will try to change tool and report back.

I had this happen a couple times but I don't know how to trigger it. What happens is that the app won't do anything when pressing layers, back, color and possibly other buttons as well. Top menus and submenus are also mostly grayed out but the view can still be moved and zoomed. Restarting the app fixes the problem.

While in Edit>Transform>Scale mode it's pretty common to accidentally trigger a little rotation change (0.1 ~ 2°). Not a big deal, the real problem is that this action can't, for some reason, be undone without re-entering the Transform UI.
Since the difference is not that big, though, I can't honestly tell if the image actually rotates or if it just shows a wrong rotation value.

Here's a list of things that could make the brush engine almost perfect.

1) Flip X/Y, negative rotation angle and invert stamp in Aux Stamp.
2) Random Angle in brush dynamics.
3) Hue, Saturation and Lightness in brush dynamics, along with Aux Color.
4) A sort of "Flow Scale Factor" slider in general brush settings to counter the fact that if spacing is set to 1px there's pretty much no difference between 10-30% and 100% flow, depending on the brush. This slider could simply scale the Flow according to user's will so for example I could set the scale factor to 10 and make the slider's 100% become 10%.
5) The ability to input non-integer values in sliders. This is crucial for brush spacing as there can be a massive difference in looks and performance between 1 pixel and 1%.
6) A reworked dynamics settings page that lets the user choose two or more variables for a single parameter (Ex. Turn on both pressure and tilt for flow, each with its own curve).
7) An option for Apple Pencil's users to have a brush changing size/flow/opacity on start and end without applying pressure. This could be a mixture of Dynamics>Fade and Dynamics>Finger>Stroke Start/End.
8) I already posted about an improved View>Mirror. Is it doable?

Also wanted to say thank you to the developers for always listening to customer feedback, I really appreciate that.

That's amazing. Keep up the good work.

Great. What about the gesture bug?

It's broken for me too. Every "Tilt & Pressure" setting just detects tilt apart from size, that works correctly. In regards to tilt and pressure, can an "inverted tilt & pressure" be added? With inverted I mean inverted tilt but normal pressure, as you can invert them both by editing the curve. Could we also get random angle dynamic?

It's not brush specific in my case, I just tested a couple custom brushes I already had

Clean installed iOS 13 beta 5 and installed Artstudio Pro without changing anything else. Still no luck.

I can't really tell why the folder isn't there... Tried all the betas from 5th to 8th and tried reinstalling the app multiple times, but the problem persists. If I recall correctly, I also performed a clean flash and then restored a system backup (the first time I reinstalled beta 5 over the 6th) with no luck. The only thing I have not yet tried is installing Artstudio Pro just after a clean install but I will try that too since it I have to rollback to beta 5 again because of the gesture problem. Speaking of which, were you able to reproduce it? Is it something that app developers must adapt to or do we just have to wait for Apple to take care of it? Cannot comment on source's reliability, but I read on r/iOSBeta that this seems to be the expected behavior and that app developers need to disable this feature for it to not interfere with normal usage.

Version 2.2.10 still has the same problems on iOS beta 8 so I was wondering if the developers can do something about them or if it all depends on Apple.

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