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hey! thanks so much for the answer, I did a quick presentation of the app to some friends, as more we use the app the more we love it, also as another feedback, maybe having the option of showing the cursor of the brush will be great, ( again, coming from the PS/sai background ) just a dot or circle will be great!

Hi there guys!

love your app, specially for ipad! you did a great job, specially for artist like coming, how coming from the SAI/ps background. really i'm in love with artstudio pro!.

here is my suggestions to improve the workflow:

-Warp tool with Transform ( also, using transform, i don't know if is just the ipad version but works very slowly)
-Bluetooth support: because a lot of artist still use basic functions like cmd+z, alt for color picker and adding different actions to the keyboard to make quick stuff.

-left handed support: just the chance to move some panels from one side to another, nothing crazy, a change of sides will be great!. ( im lefthanded so u.u )

-chance of change the color of the UI or typo ( some artist works better for example, with a white background, I personally prefer to have a black one! gives you better contrast on your picture )

-Channels : because is used for masking, color variations, etc.

-Liquify ( ok, maybe i'm asking so much u.u maybe this one is not 100% need it )

Keep doing the good job!

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Use of keyboard and color picker
on: December 16, 2017, 09:16:14 PM
Hi There! The app is great and feels like a future great ps option!.

But, i cant make it Work with a keyboard! So i cant use the alt key ti use the color picker! :( is there any way to solve this? The alt/brush technique is very common in digital paint.

Also, the color picker never appears in the position of the pencil always far of it, so is a little unconfortable.

A option to tweak the curve pressure in ipad pro will be great! Some times the pressure works a little buggy.

Thanks so much in advance!.

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