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Great update version 1.3. I like “View -> Mirror”. Very Nice. Thank you.

I use iPad Pro 12.9inch.
Feature request: customize shortcuts button.
Please look at this screenshot.

Lucky Clan News / Re: Artstudio Pro 1.2
on: April 09, 2018, 05:51:45 AM
Great !!!  ;D
Thank you !!!  ;)

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Re: Quick Mask is not displayed
on: February 06, 2018, 06:04:02 AM
Installed version 1.0.13

Suggestions, Ideas, Bugs / Quick Mask is not displayed
on: February 06, 2018, 04:33:11 AM
Artstudio pro version 1.0.13 (iOS)

Hi, Thanks for the update.

Please check this.
1. File > New Empty.
2. Close the document.
3. Open the document.
4. Select by Lasso Tool.
5. Then, undo.
6. Redo.
Quick Mask is not displayed.

Please check this.

Paint something on multiple layers.
Select the multiple layers in “Layer Panel”.
Select the painted area by “Lasso Tool”.
Move the painted and selected area by “Move Tool”.

All contents painted with multiple layers move.
The selected area is ignored.
I want to move only the selected area with multiple layers.

Artstudio Pro version 1.0.12(iOS) + iPad pro

Open another file when drawing in “Pencil Only Mode”. The mode is forced to change to “Finger And Pencil Mode” , but the icon remains in “Pencil Only Mode“.

Artstudio Pro(version 1.0.10, iOS) + iPad pro

Please check this.

1. “File > New Empty(White+Transparent)”
2. Paint something.
3. “Layer > Enable Clipping Mask”
4. Select the painted area by “Lasso”.
5. Move the painted area by “Move” tool.
6. Bug?
    I can’t move it.

Artstudio Pro (iOS) version 1.0.6

Thank you !

Artstudio Pro(iOS)

When I use Lasso tool with Apple Pencil in “Pencil Only Mode”, my fingers accidentally touch the iPad sometimes. So, The selection is canceled.
Please change to specification which I can not use Lasso tool with fingers in “Pencil Only Mode”.

Please check this.

1. “File > New Empty”
2. “Add Empty Layer”
3. Paint something.
4. “Layer > Lock Transparency”
5. Select the painted area by “Lasso”.
6. “Edit > Cut” or “Edit > Clear” or “Erase the painted area”
7. Paint something on the painted area.
8. Move the painted area by “Move” tool.
9. Bug?
    The painted area disappears.

Artstudio Pro (iOS) version 1.0.3

I bought Artstudio Pro (iPad and macOS) today.
I use Artstudio Pro (iPad). I like it.  Excellent app !

Feature requests
     1. “Filter > Liquify” in Photoshop
     2. “Edit > Transform > Warp” in Photoshop

Thank you !

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