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Title: Adjustment layer masking problem.
Post by: Kappa on November 11, 2018, 02:02:10 AM
Hey there, sorry if this has been asked again. I searched around and couldn’t find anything.

Here’s a scenario to better describe what’s my issue.

Let’s say you have a red circle on a layer and you create an adjustment layer on top with a clipping mask so that it affects only the circle layer underneath and nothing else. Let’s say you apply an HSL adj. layer and turn the circle blue.

Is there a way to mask only the adjustment layer so that I’m able to paint in or out the blue on that red circle?

Also: Extra suggestion. Would it be possible to long tap brush/eraser/smudge/wet paint to apply the currently selected brush between any of those? It’s a Procreate feature that’s incredibly comfortable in a painting workflow. It would be an absolute joy to have that on ASP.

The latest major update was amazing. It keeps getting better and better.